I am posting this quite late on Saturday October 1st, I’ve just wrapped up my first [ever] webinar with the ladies who are doing Lose Love Learn…

I knew that I would take part in LLL over the next ninety days, I would be beta testing all the workouts a week or so in advance before I share the with the group – and it’s really my lifestyle that this program is based upon. I also knew that I hadn’t spent a lot of time this year focused on myself, my body or my own physique goals – because I was focused on creating an awesome program. 

Well the program is created, we have started and the ladies are going to kick butt…so now it’s time for me to kick butt too.

I decided yesterday [I think I had waaaaay too much caffeine] that I needed to document my journey over the next 90 days, in a more public setting.

So here it is…

The first blog of the next twelve, which will document my weekly progress throughout Lose Love Learn. I am going to be measuring my physical results in a number of ways:

  • Weekly progress pictures
  • Fortnightly weight
  • Monthly measurements

Yes, I will be weighing myself, the scale and I have not been friends over the past three years – I held so much of my progress in the number that I have decided I need to instead weigh myself to reconnect with why this number has such an effect on our mental progress….hence the other measurements too. 

I am also going to be committing to daily journaling for bio feedback, which granted isn’t a huge transition from what I do now – but I really want to manage my hunger, energy and cravings. I am now working from home AND the holidays are coming – it could be a recipe for weight gain, but I’m not going to let it be. Every craving is still my choice.

Food does not hold any magical powers.

I can talk about health and wellness until the cows come home, but the reality is that I still want to see some physical changes. It is not just about those changes, but throughout the past nine months I have got myself to a place of balance, happiness and way less stress. Now it’s my opportunity to put that mindset to good use, and lose some fat, build muscle, strength and increase my fitness level.

Goal Setting

I have a three short-term goals for the next 90-days:

  1. Minimum of 3 workouts per week
  2. No cardio for 90-days
  3. Maintain momentum throughout December

At the end of last year I committed to three workouts per week for 2016…and I think I probably achieved it once. I made a lot of excuses, I fell out of routine and I just wasn’t committed to the gym as I once had been.IMG_7943.PNG

So, now is a great time to get this habit embedded and each week looks a little different, but I know it’s more realistic than ever.

I am uploading three RBT [rest based training] workouts into the LLL group each week, to support the ladies in their journey and provide options for workouts. I will be taking part in these workouts too, and I am going to throw in some heavier strength training for myself, because I love it.

I don’t want to focus on cardio. I don’t want to worry about the number on my activity tracker. The number obsession we have is very real, and is a very big part of our shame mindset around our success.

Who care’s if my activity trackers doesn’t read 100% – my body knows what I’ve done, and that’s way more important!



I live in the UK, so whilst Halloween is getting more popular, and my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving – the real struggle of holiday weight gain starts in December.

My goal is to maintain momentum throughout December, keep my workouts going, manage my hunger, energy and cravings – and still have some of the holiday foods I love.


So you want the good stuff, right?

My measurements…I’ll be honest, I was super reluctant to [a] step on the scale today, and [b] share this number – see I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I guess it’s because I genuinely had no idea whether I had gained or maintained.

Starting Weight: 202.7lbs

Starting Measurements: Waist = 42 inches Hips = 45 inches Chest = 42 inches

So bearing in mind I had very little sleep last night…today went pretty well. It’s day one, whatever happens today or even on day thirty doesn’t define my success over the next three months.

I feel excited, and confident, and that’s a massive mindset shift. A few years ago in my dieting days, each time I started I lacked confidence…it was like “here we go again, another diet which is going to fail”. Yes, they failed. Yes they were flawed and didn’t provide me with the results I wanted, but there is a portion of blame on me too. I lacked confidence and didn’t really believe in the process.

Trust the process, whatever it is.

I’ll finish with this:

This is not a diet. This is not a detox, cleanse or quick fix. Whilst I am enthusiastic about the coming days, I am not fuelled by the unrealistic motivation which I have been in the past.  There is zero need to tighten my nutrition or exercise, It’s just about treating my body like a business…and I am the CEO. It’s about allowing myself that wiggle room to take what I have learnt this year and practice, practice, practice.





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I can’t wait to hear from you!

Melanie x



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