This week I have been discussing the 80:20 principle…we tend to be aware that this principle is applied to nutrition, dieting, calories. The idea that if you set yourself a caloric goal, and use 80% of your calories on whole foods, and the other 20% is saved for not so whole foods…it’s basically a form of moderation. Yet it’s still based on calories.¬†

What I discovered was that something I have been applying to my lifestyle for a while, focus on the small wins, is also an 80:20 principle – the Perato Principle.

I was a litte bummed when I realised I hadn’t created this idea ūüėČ but equally fascinated to focus on it even further. How can you focus on the 20% and achieve 80% – focus on the small things and get way better results?

Simple: you are not focused on changing everything at once, nor are you expecting overnight results.

So how had I been applying this to fat loss? What does the 20% look like? What does the 80% look like?

Overall, the 20% is about focusing on what you can do each day to be successful that day, rather than only¬†focusing on your¬†long-term goal. Goal setting is a vital part of our success, we want to know we have a plan, but when we ignore the daily journey to get there, we feel disappointed, don’t we?

Ask yourself: what am I going to do today to reflect the life I want?



It requires work, but it doesn’t require all the work and all your energy, every second of every day. This is where we are going wrong. There are people out there who believe you must eat clean 100% of the time, and only consume whole foods. There people out there who believe you must eat low calorie, low fat, paleo, raw – great – but what do you want?

What do you want to do to achieve your goals?

>> Do you want to wake up at 4am every day and go workout?

>> Do you want to throw weights around?

>> Do you want to run?

Is anyone really stopping, and asking you what you want to do?

This isn’t about allowing you to make excuses, but rather understanding that in this modern world – we have lost our instinct. We don’t know how to eat and move in a way that feels natural. We no longer know if we are hungry…thirsty or bored. We try to play tricks on our minds, manipulate our weight and punish ourselves for not doing ‘enough’.


Here are four of my strategies for the 80:20 principle


::Work on the four pillars of fat loss

Meals, exercise, leisure and mindfulness, take each pillar and label it from 1 – 10.

1 = I struggle with this daily.

10 = I have no problem with this at all.

The pillar with the highest number should receive most of your attention first, but all four pillars are needed to lost fat and keep it off. All four pillars are required to create balance, reduce stress and increase your energy levels.

::Commit to your health

A little thing I call your Daily Health Commitments, or DHC for short!

Think about your lifestyle and you health at the moment, consider which habits are not providing you with the results you really want.

Commit to 3 – 5 healthier habits, which you can *easily* embed TODAY without the need to change everything all at once. Maybe you could reduce your soda to 1 per day, rather than trying to cut it out completely? Maybe you could replace your afternoon caffeine with herbal tea or water? Maybe you could take lunch with you 3 times this week instead of buying it and making nutritionally poor choices?

It’s not about going from 0 – 100 now, it’s about slowly approaching these changes with the focus and attention they require.

::Be on your own side

Yes, be your own best friend.

Commit to helping yourself, because no one can do this for you! If you want to change, you’ve got to put in the work, and you’ve got to be your own biggest cheerleader. It’s no one else’s responsibility to make these changes.

::Focus on your own path

Stop wondering how everyone else is getting their results, whether what they are doing is better or will get you faster results. As soon as you lose focus on your own path it’s game over. As humans we look for the next thing to work, we don’t consider that if something is working – DON’T CHANGE IT.





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