Hey there, I'm Melanie

Story teller, content alchemist and the person who's going to help you get SEEN online without all the bullshit.

I know this isn’t the first ‘about page’ you’ve read, and the fact you’re here means you’re intrigued… so let me lead – as always – with transparency:

Most marketing strategies are full of fluff, driven by data and chock filled with jargon. Oh, and most marketing agencies are run by men.

Content Alchemy Marketing is different, we are a female led agency, paving the way for a new normal in online marketing and business, one that allows you to lean into what makes you and your business unique.

Most marketing experts will tell you where you should spend your time… how to “hack” the algorithm and go “viral”… But, let’s be honest; that’s not what creates a sustainable business.

There are a lot of strategies out there, and you’ve probably tried most of them [I know I have] and they’re taught by the same group of cookie-cutter coaches…

If you feel a complete disconnection between their promises and your goals – you should know; this is not about you, it’s because those strategies try to put you in a box.

They say if you can’t find it, create it. So I did.

In 2018 I founded The Get Shit Done Society as a way of helping business owners break away from the idea that there’s only one way to show up, connect with your audience and build a sustainable business – someone else’s.

And in 2020, frustrated by the lack of soul-led strategy for introverts, empaths, and creative folks during a global pandemic, I founded Content Alchemy Marketing, a non-traditional marketing agency for creative business owners who don’t want to compromise their creative integrity to make money.

your success is unconditional...

Some people will try to put you, your creativity and business in a box, please feel free to shove that box up their ass. Here are a few of our team and brand values…


We believe in and advocate for freedom of speech, freedom to be yourself, freedom to ask for help, freedom to make money, freedom to run and grow your business on your own terms, freedom to do things differently.


Using your platform and voice to create change and make a positive impact outside of your own bubble, no matter your audience size, is how we can all create a positive impact and enable change.


Getting curious about what is truly working in your own business, marketing and content so you can enable growth without being put into a box. We are NOT about cookie-cutter approaches – we’ll encourage you to do you.


We believe that asking the deeper question of “who are you without your business?” is as important as asking “what kind of content should I create?”. We’ll encourage you to explore your creativity both within and outside your  business. 

what is content alchemy...?

The Cambridge Dictionary definition; a process that is so effective that it seems like magic…

Tired of seeing incredible business owners spinning their wheels and stuck overthinking and doubting their next move, we support and guide you to a point of clarity. We approach your content marketing with you and your industry at the forefront of everything we do.

We build a connection between your story, values and offers with your audience through intentional content creation. We understand that independent creatives, artists, designers and makers need to share both what they do AND why they do it, which is where we come in. We get to know you, your creative process and your ideal client so that we can deliver content and social strategy that reflects your business and work. We start by getting to know your story, and how this relates to your business and audience.

Cultivating a community is a massive part of any strategy we deliver. We know firsthand that word of mouth is THE most valuable form of marketing and it’s free. We help you create content that engages your existing audience and gets them so fucking excited that they can’t wait to support you and tell their friends about you.

We understand that you cannot be ON all the time, and need a break from creating new content and “showing up” on social media. But consistency is KEY to growth, so together we’ll identify your dial movers (aka the places you make money and impact) to ensure that even when you’re offline you’re still growing.

You’re a fucking rock star and we want everyone to know it, so when you work with The Content Alchemy Marketing team you get expert strategists AND cheerleaders who will call you out when you need some tough love and remind you of all your amazing work when you’re overthinking and doubting yourself.  We all do it, and everyone needs support on this journey…

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people putting all their marketing eggs in one basket (usually the Instagram one) and no matter how hard you work you’ll struggle to get the kind of visibility you need from a platform designed to keep people on it… so we introduce you to our visibility secret weapon; PINTEREST and show you how your business can benefit in ALL areas by a clear Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Sneak peek? Ongoing traffic to your website, lead magnets and legacy content even when you’re not “showing up”. Yes, passive growth and we’re not full of shit. Book a free Clarity Call to find out more…

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