THIS woman! Shannon and I connected via social media way back in 2012 – and four years later when I launched my coaching business we started working together. She came to me feeling burnt out and blah with life.

Shannon is a self proclaimed cardio bunny and YES woman, saying yes to everyone and everything…even when it didn’t serve her or make her feel good. In fact by the autumn of 2016 Shannon was burnt out from prepping and teaching 11 classes a week at the gym AND trying to train for her marathon.

During our 6 months working together she completely transformed her lifestyle, and if there is anyone I know who truly lives a rest based lifestyle it is Shannon.

In 2017 she has returned to work [on her terms] started a walking group for seniors and is now working on the biggest goal so far…

55 races by her 55th birthday in November 2018 – which if you haven’t done the math is MORE than 1 race per week!

I am in absolute awe of ow hardworking and ambitious Shannon is and I am proud to call her my friend. We could ALL learn a thing or two about slowing down, resting and saying NO.

So without further delay, meet Shannon!

Shannon’s THREE tips to implement self care for FREE

1. Take time for yourself…

Whether it’s 10 minutes of quiet with your coffee in the morning or finding a window throughout the day. Allowing yourself to sit with your thoughts, slow down and breathe increases your productivity as you are able to fill your own cup up before tending to everyone else’s needs.

2. Get your sleep…

When you sleep it is your body’s time to rest, relax and detox. Sleep deprivation directly effects our stress levels, ability to lose or gain fat and how productive we are. Unfortunately we have normalised stress and overwhelm, but a lack of rest and sleep actually fuels this fire.

3. Learn how to say NO…

At least to things you don’t actually want to do. Ever said yes to a friend despite being busy, because they might be hurt? My hand is held high! Saying yes to everyone and everything is a sure fire way to burn out, from clients, to your employer or friends and family — you are allowed to say no sometimes and once you say NO, you’ll be more confident to manage your yes’s and no’s next time.

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