When I started my business in 2015 I had zero knowledge.

I shared this with the badass ladies in The Empowerment Project, and I shuddered at the idea of someone telling me back then EVERYTHING I now know.

I would have been terrified! I was already overwhelmed by the idea of building a business.

I doubted my ability to do this “business thing” so the idea of algorithms, podcasts, money stories and email marketing would have been too much…but the great thing about online business is that you learn as you grow.


Self Development Is Critical

I’ve learnt so much about myself and my loved ones because I opened myself up to something which felt a little ‘woo woo’ and this has improved my communication and strengthened my business.

There is still a misconception about “self development” and that is we should be able to figure it all out on our own. I also felt this way before I started. I thought I had my shit together, and if you’d ever told me that I’d spent a decade of my life avoiding success because I was afraid…I’d have rolled my eyes at you.

If you want to have a successful business, then self development is a critical piece of the puzzle. We ALL have stories and if we don’t bust through our barriers we are preventing the universe from directing us towards our mac daddy lifestyle.

The Bigger The Perceived Risk, The Better The Outcome

Taking what you perceive to be a “risk” in business forces you to level up. Let’s use investing in a coach as an example: the first time I invested in a coach, I was confident she was going to help me get started in business. It still felt like a risk because we were investing thousands of dollars, and we’d never done this before.

I educated myself in coaching aka I stalked her for 6-months. I made sure that this person was doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do and had all the skills and experience to help me.

When I invested $2500 I did ALL the work, each month I was there reading, watching and learning because this investment was worth every penny.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business and yourself and take those “risks” because when it comes down to it – you’ll do the work, and you’ll make the money back.

More Time Doesn’t Increase Productivity

Most women I speak to want more time, because they believe if they had more hours in the day they’d be more productive and *BOOM* they’d achieve their goals.

When I left my 9-5 in 2016, I went from scraping every second in the day to build my business, to gaining 37-hours a week back…

My business did not grow exponentially and I still had a lengthy ‘to do’ list each Friday…

All of a sudden I didn’t know what to do with my time, I had so much time available to me that I became easily distracted and less productive.

When we are given more time, we can easily fill it with “busy $10 work” – this means you spend more time doing things you think you should be doing, and less time doing the tasks which move your business forward.

We work well with a framework and boundaries on our work, this is why women who leave corporate struggle to adjust to working from home. We desire the freedom, but when we get it – we’re lost.

I created a framework within my business which allowed me to get everything done, and leave space for new projects, studying, research and downtime. I didn’t leave a 37 hour job to work 60 hours for myself…it’s easy to do this, but it’s not my #lifestylegoals

If You Avoid Talking About THIS, You’re Shitting On Your Business

Moola. Chedda. Dough. Benjamins.

I’m not telling you to start sharing your financial goals with complete strangers, but you need to at least have a figure, an actual number written down and reverse engineer your time/products from there.

My financial goal for 2016: make enough money to leave my job.

My financial goal for 2017: make some more money, that would be nice.

Each time I launched my coaching packages I had no idea what I was trying to achieve, the universe had even less of an idea and I was terrified of being a business owner who wanted to make money!!

Uncovering my money story, and understanding how I could take steps to making the kind of money I actually wanted to make in my business was a total game changer. This ONE strategy helped me master other areas of my mindset and levelled up my business and lifestyle – I became clearer on what I wanted and stopped worrying about other people’s belief system.

You Never Stop Learning

There is no “right” way to build a business, and everything works, but not everything works for you. After your 1st year of business you become much better at “bullshit detecting” and give your email address to less people because you will start to trust certain people or companies for resources.

You never stop learning about business, next moves and what’s “sexy” because as your clients change, your business will adjust too. Now, this being said, you don’t have to know everything about business – instead continue learning from experts and stay up to date with your business.

So the good news is you don’t need to know everything right now, you don’t need to be burnt out to be successful and you don’t need have money behind you to get started.

I started my business despite having zero knowledge about business (does a GCSE even count in 2018?) but I remember what it was like to be starting out.

Some weeks the fear and scarcity blurred my vision of success and I felt disempowered, having been where you are I understand that spending even a few hours on your business can be exhilerating and terrifying at the same time.

There are so many coaches out there promising shortcuts to making a profitable business, but in my experience the only route is passion and work. If you are so passionate that you can’t stop thinking about it, then don’t.