Over the years I have tried different diets, not all of them but a few, none of them worked.

There was the weight loss club in which I learnt all the diet myths that haunted me later in life, ‘Euro Diet’ which was ridiculously expensive, Weight Watchers – I only used the recipe book and just found myself eating all the healthy chocolate cake, ‘Euro Diet’ again and then Tony Ferguson which worked short term.

All these diets have something in common, they are marketed and packaged to make us think that we have been doing it all wrong and that this is the diet for us. 

It is not your fault that the diet did not work, the diet had already failed before you started for these 5 reasons…

#1 They do not allow for personal development or an understanding of your own body.

You are an individual and therefore what you eat and how you move to lose fat should be suitable for you. Fad diets follow the same rules across the board, the only adjustment is for how much you weigh or how much weight you want to lose.

What about if you struggle to eat breakfast or don’t enjoy salads?

Think about your long term health not the short term weight loss.

#2 They are focused on quantity of food, not the quality.

I have found a majority of these diets make low calorie foods which taste super sweet and artificial. They are probably marketed as low fat, because it’s easy to take some fat out, add sugar and make a slightly lower calorie snack.

No, I’m not saying we should eat organic grass fed all the time, but if a ‘health product’ reaps the same benefits as a candy bar…I’d rather just have the candy bar and feel a little more satisfied.

I ask my clients to think about adding the healthier foods into their diet first, before removing some of the high sugar/fat ones.

#3 It’s a numbers game.

These diets are going to be following the calories in vs calories out method and a majority of the time weight is the only measurement. If you are adamant you want to follow a diet plan, consider measuring yourself too, and think about all the none-scale victories you have each week.

Noting your NSV will allow you to feel satisfaction even if you do not see a drop on the scale.

#4 They are restrictive!

How many calories should I be eating to lose weight?

1500? 1200? 1000?

These numbers are the ‘norm’ when it comes to diet plans, I remember a trainer telling me I should be eating 1500 calories per day – he knew nothing about me at this point! We use these numbers because the 3500 calorie deficit = 1lb is easy to calculate!

If you want to count calories then try this calculator

5# They are a short term solution to a long term issue.

Most importantly fad diets are only short term solutions, which is why a majority of the time the plan ends, and slowly we revert to our normal behaviors and gain weight. Obesity is a long term health issue and a short term fix will not change the way we see our health or bodies.

That saying “You didn’t gain the weight overnight, so you can’t lose it overnight” well its kind of true, except not only can we not change our weight overnight, but we cannot change our mindset regarding food, exercise and health.

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  1. All these thoughts have been running through my mind lately and completely the idea that I am going with this time. It is great to hear someone else say it as well.

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