I’ve always known I was destined to do and be more in my life, specifically with my health and career. So when I lost 60 pounds and maintained this weight [four years and counting] and created a moderate and abundant lifestyle which involves everything I need to maintain my weight — I fought the odds. When I left my “safe” but energy sucking 9-5 JOB many people questioned my choice, voiced their concerns about money and FAILURE — I did it anyway.

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There is so much opportunity available, so why are so many women not living out their BIG DREAMS and GOALS?

Women are being told that they should be satisfied with the white picket fence expectations, and because this is perceived as “enough” they should stop working towards more.

Ummm, no thanks!

So, girl, here are the THREE signs that you want [and deserve] MORE in life…


This tends to show up during those BIG transitional moments in your life like marriage, motherhood, loss, break-ups, divorce or empty nesting.

Transitional moments are inevitable, and can be positive and negative moments but either can trigger this question: is this really it?

When my son was born in 2014, I was thrilled, our family was finally complete but those first 12 months [and maybe beyond] were TOUGH, tougher than anything I’ve ever had to work through as a wife, mother and human.

Matt described it perfectly: it was like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

Am I ever going to sleep? Have a shower? Pee in peace? Workout?

Well, yes I did get all of these things again — but I wanted MORE than being someone’s other half and a mom, because before I played these roles I was ME.

My advice is don’t feel guilty about wanting MORE in your life, and don’t try to quieten the feeling. You are allowed to play many roles in your life, there is time to do ALL the things you want, but you need to believe beyond any doubt that you are worthy and deserving of being more in your life.


If you’re creative, for example you love writing, speaking, recording and sharing your story whether it’s via a website or pretty squares on a social media channel — you SHOULD go all in on this.

We all have stories, and whilst the internet is saturated with people telling their own story, you have something unique, YOU are the only person who can tell your story! Creativity doesn’t mean you have to be an artist or photographer by trade [I’m neither of these things] but if you love CREATING and SHARING then you SHOULD be doing that!

A lesson I learnt at an early age, and continued to be reminded of as I built my business is that there are lots of ideas, but not everything can be executed. Be realistic with your time and budget, there are many FREE resources on the internet which will help you figure this stuff out. Follow people who are doing what you want to do, or are living the lifestyle you’d like to live — and unsubscribe to people who make you feel ‘less than’.


It might be obvious, but a woman who wants more in life, just knows it! Deep down in your soul, there is a calling and passion to DO and BE MORE. There’s a great quote which reads:

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it

YUS!! If someone asks you what your dreams are and you are SO clear and want to talk to them for the next 12-months then make sure you do something about it.

Don’t allow the “be realistic” and “what if it doesn’t work?” naysayers prevent you from going after your dreams because they will ALWAYS be present. Eyes down on your own path and keep on learning, executing and LIVING your dreams.

If you are destined for MORE then I want to help you step into your Wonder Woman powers, and find MORE time in your week so that you can actually spend time working on those BIG dreams and goals…oh and make them a reality!

Wonder Woman Academy is currently open, and it’s FREE — join me and a group of likeminded women for a 5-day online experience and make your dreams a reality.

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