Get your business profit ready for 2019 and check out these 3 small investments (less than $120) so you can skyrocket your growth in 2019


2018 has been a year of profit-focused productivity hear at MKHQ!

In January I sat at my kitchen table and realized that even if I had clients knocking on my door, I’d have zero time to work with them because ALL my time was spent working IN my business.

With 28 days on my calendar, I rebuilt my business from the ground up.

Using my 3D formula I decluttered, discarded and delegated throughout my business. I stopped doing shit that didn’t fire me up or make me money and within 30 days I had 14 days back each month.

It’s easy to hustle and work hard — but no one is going to pay you money just because you worked harder than someone else.

In addition to organizing, systemizing and automating my business I spent time seeking out ways to streamline my business and invested my money in things which were aligned with my business goals.

As the year is closing out and you’re planning your goals for 2019 I want to share with you 3 small investments (less than $120) I made to save me hours each week in my business!

Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change

Get your business profit ready for 2019 and check out these 3 small investments (less than $120) so you can skyrocket your growth in 2019

The productivity planner is unlike any planner I’ve used before as it doesn’t distract you with washi tape but instead teaches you how to become more productive.

The layout and simple prompts keep you accountable for your most important tasks.

This is the PERFECT gift for any ‘girl boss’ who struggles to decide where her attention needs to be each week (which I think is most of us!).

You can use this alongside your paper planner, it doesn’t replace a calendar but instead helps you complete that long ass ‘to do list’ you’ve been trying to finish for weeks…


Get your business profit ready for 2019 and check out these 3 small investments (less than $120) so you can skyrocket your growth in 2019

Social Media Templates by Bluchic

When I audited my tasks I noticed how much I love designing… but I’m no designer and could lose hours a week trying to create the perfect graphics or image.

When I discovered Bluchic’s Canva Social Media Templates it gave my graphics the exact vibe I was looking for, now I have a cohesive brand without spending hours in Canva trying to figure out the ‘HOW’.

You can customize all the templates to your brand colors and fonts within minutes, just like these Pinterest templates?

Social media is a fundamental part of our online business, and with curated and cohesive feeds galore it can be easy to spend hours on one image.

When it comes to social media posts, consistency is better than perfection (actually that’s good advice for anything!) and I’d much rather have templates I can rinse and repeat each week without too much pressure.

This Pinterest image took me less than 60-seconds to create because all I needed to do is add the text and choose my image, which leads me to the next tool…

Stock Photography by Ellis Stock Co.

Firstly, if you didn’t know stock photo memberships existed then don’t worry — I only discovered them in March!

I used to spend hours searching for free images on popular free stock photo sites. Then I’d craft the ‘perfect’ social media post (using my Canva templates) only to see the image pop up on someone else’s feed.

As my go-to Instagram expert, Tyler J Mccall says: “Stock photography has its place in your brand.”

If you can’t afford to invest in a personal branding shoot yet, or you’re looking for images to integrate into your brand then a stock photo membership is a great solution.

My friend Amy Ellis has recently launched her stock photo membership for people who want photos which look lived in and brands who want something other than pink!

Plus, the membership is an absolute STEAL at $27/mo or $299/year!

So there you go, as you head into a new year of business, setting goals and ready to ‘start fresh’, remember to put your business on your wishlist and that you can make small investments to support your business and save hours!