You want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, and right now you can’t believe that there would be anything more incredible.

The feeling of strolling into your home office, lighting a candle, still in your PJ’s and making money…


That was me bursting your bubble.

I’m sorry.

I truly am, because I remember exactly how you feel, I used to make that short drive to work, open my calendar and count down the days until I could say #byegirl to the corporate world.

Let me explain.

Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is the strangest situation, you feel incredible but you also have no idea how to do it — because you’ve never done it before! You only know what you know.

So it’s no surprise that we find ourselves believing we have all the time in the world (you don’t) and losing ourselves in our ideas. Creating things, new and shiny things just because we can (you don’t need to).

It took me almost 18-months to realise that I’d never been taught HOW to work from home or be a CEO and neither have you.

As James Wedmore explains “Unless you were home-schooled or private-mentored by a family of successful entrepreneurs, you were raised the way I was: through the public education system.”

With the New Year racing towards us, many of you are starting to set your 2019 goals and if you are marking that date on your calendar: keep on reading.


Ready to take your business seriously and quit your job in 2019? Then before you do make sure your business is ready for your success before giving your 2 weeks notice!
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Create A Work – Life Schedule

Like most entrepreneurs we crave freedom, and if you’ve worked in a corporate job you can’t wait to set your own schedule. So why don’t we actually do it? Newsflash, sitting at your desk in your PJ’s for 16 hours a day is NOT a schedule, it’s a shitshow.

It’s almost a rite of passage that we go through, we rebel against the corporate bullshit, the need to get dressed or even have a shower…so we don’t. Give yourself one week to get it out of your system: stew in your filth, don’t wear a bra and then create yourself a work – life schedule.

Getting clear on how many hours you have to work, and other responsibilities you have to yourself, your business and your family is critical.

My clients and I use my ‘Freedom and Flexibility Schedule’ which is structured with a big dose of flexibility.

The schedule accommodates your work, family, networking, self care and even taking a shower!

You might think that you don’t want a schedule…because that’s the very thing you’re trying to escape, but I suggest you structure your days and weeks into ‘freedom’ and ‘batch’ times. This gives you the opportunity to navigate the hustle, get shit done projects and still make time for YOU!


Hire A Coach

Let me clarify, there is a difference between hiring a private coach who works with you and holds you accountable compared to investing in a program or course which leaves you in a Facebook group of 3000.

Courses and programs have a place, they are a great way to learn about business or your industry but a (great) coach is someone who gets into your business with you.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think you can do this online business thing alone, instead find a coach, group or mastermind of women who ‘get it’ and are ready to support you and your success.


Implement Business Systems

One of the more boring parts of online business, but totally necessary.

Whether it’s a piece of software you invest in, or a simple content plan and template inside your Google Drive; systems help keep you organised and make it easier to repurpose and scale.

If the backend of your business is organised, it saves you time, but you also find that you can create a great experience for your clients and customers. If you’re a hot mess, then your clients will pick up on it.

When was the last time you bought something from a hot mess?

We might love to see the #authentic posts, and give them a double tap on the ‘gram but when it comes to investing our money, time and energy into something we have expectations. You don’t need to be perfect, but your customers/clients need to feel taken care of.

As you start to map out your BIG vision goals for your life and business in 2019, consider putting your business on that wishlist. Implementing and enquiring into these things now, will save you time in the future and ultimately you will accelerate your growth and your 2-weeks notice will arrive even sooner!

Good Luck and Happy Planning!

M, xo