non traditional content marketing mentoring

for creative entrepreneurs, introverts, empaths and spiritual business owners who are tired of all the fluffy business strategy, fake FOMO and misleading marketing on their feeds.

Um, Instagram marketing isn't really about Instagram at all… *gasp*

I just thought you should know that this headache inducing, swipe up feature, blue tick toting platform isn't hard because of the algorithm, it's hard because Instagram marketers have made it that way AND they've got you doubting your best commodity: YOU! 

Well, fuck that shit, let's take back your feed and make some Instagram Alchemy!

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Hey there - I'm Melanie

Story teller, Content Alchemist, CEO of Content Alchemy Marketing & and Entrepreneurial Outlaw

Content Alchemy Marketing is a non traditional marketing agency for creative business owners who don’t want to compromise their creative integrity to make money.

As a creative entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand that most of the strategies out there are designed for coaches and service based businesses… and most agencies lead with data driven jargon.


Choose Your Journey...

we're ready to support you at all stages of your business growth with zero fluff and jargon free strategy

I need to learn how to create engaging instagram content

Instagram has become your full time job — except you already had a full time job — and you’re not getting any ROI or ROO on all the work you put in

I have a small audience, but i need to grow my business

You have a “small” audience and you’re ready to learn how to make this work for you, and grow your business, sales and make a bigger impact.

i'm ready to scale my business, and need one-to-one support

Ready to focus on your creative passion and hand your content and social strategy to a team of thoughtful & creative strategists who will treat your audience like it’s their own?

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Turn Your “Small” Instagram Following into a Sustainable Business!

A free masterclass where you’ll learn how you can attract and engage your ideal clients on Instagram so that you can build a sustainable online business – without the overwhelm.