“I teach women who have spent decades dieting, remove the diet rules, move in a way which they love and lose fat for the last time – diet, guilt and shame free.”

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I love the concept of working with myself, though like most veteran dieters I don’t really know what that means. Your honest approach to life makes me feel safe and know that you are working from a place of having “walked the talk” I am looking at the resources I have to work on the pillars so I’m prepared.

Sue Kerr, 62, United Kingdom

She’s got a knack for understanding what you don’t say and zeroing right in on that.  I’ve had convos with her and she always has a tidbit or question for me that I hadn’t considered. If you’re looking for someone who is practical, no-nonsense, authentic, REAL, relatable…and knows her stuff, then Melanie is your gal!  You’ll be in good hands!

Carrie Headley, CEO of Head In The Game Fitness