Hey there, I'm Melanie!

Most days you’ll find me listening to country music with a coffee mug in my hand, adorned in a slogan tee shirt and leggings. My days are spent navigating my time between wife, mother and my wonderful clients.

I am a Lifestyle Development Coach, educator and writer. I love good coffee, delicious but simple food. When I’m not coaching or spending quality time with my family, you’ll often find me on walks, reading, writing or practising yoga. Read More…

You’re ready to make some changes in your life, but it can be so overwhelming to know where to start. I’ve got your back! With my totally free resources, you can get started today and create a lifestyle you love to live.


For women who are ready to take make changes to their lifestyle and Be More. I will work with you, so that you can level up your lifestyle, set strategic goals and create a healthy and passion filled life.


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