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Writing your content shouldn't be your full time job, learn how to strategically plan out a year of content with The Conquer Your Content Planner.
Melanie Knights | Content System Strategist for Moms who create content for their own online business.

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I'm Melanie, a Productivity and Content System's expert

It’s my absolute obsession to help health & wellness coaches (like you!!) get back their time to do what they love most. Coaching. I’ll help you harness the power of content batching, so you can confidently sell your offers and create a sustainable income, with more time and freedom to enjoy your business and family.


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When you’re running a business from home and raising tiny humans, time is always tight. Ready to confidently launch your offers without sacrificing family time?

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Conquer Your Content Planathon

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The Get Sh!t Done Society

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1:1 Content Strategy

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  • “Melanie is so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that overwhelming feeling dissolved.”

    – Melissa Macfarlane Heidmiller, Define & Design Co
  • “Melanie’s batching strategy has been a total game-changer for me and my business! Knowing that I have an hour towards client work each day and batching social media tasks on the weekend, has really created that mindset shift I’ve needed to beat the overwhelm and I am getting shit done!”

    – Kathy Frogosa, Frogosas Elite Solutions
  • “Melanie has a way of not only bringing people together but getting big results. Thanks to her network of women and her guidance on brand building, I was able to land a major client just two days after working with her! She gives personalized attention to each and every one of her clients and the women in her group, and I’m grateful to have her in my corner.”

    – Emily Gough, Emily Gough Coaching
  • Testimonial Melissa Hedimiller, Define and Design Co
  • Testimonial, Kathy Frogosa, Frogosas Elite solutions
  • Testimonial, Emily Gough, Emily Gough Coaching

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Mama, I don’t believe that you have to sacrifice your family & time for a sustainable coaching business.

You love what you do, and it shows. But there is only so much of your to go round. Let me help you reduce the amount of time you spend creating your content with the Get Sh!t Done Content Bundle.
It’s yours for free.

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The Conquer Your Content Planner

You’ve tried planning your content in the past… but something always comes up and that scrap of paper you kinda called a ‘marketing plan’ went out the window.

Download your free 12-month content planner, it’s time for social media to stop being your full time job.

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