This 5-day FREE Academy starts on Monday November 13th 2017!

Day One – I’ll help you find more time in your week, by dialling in on your priorities and goals so you can start living the lifestyle you desire – how does 60-minutes a day sound?


Day Two – Master your goals by changing the way you think, this one simple step will motivate you to keep making progress on a weekly basis! How does more action and progress in the final few weeks of 2017 than all year sound?

Day Three – I will guide you through a series of easy steps so that you can
feel empowered from within, and learn how to transform negativity into empowerment and ELEVATE you towards your goals.

Day Four –
Uncover your inner confidence and empowered self, feel like Wonder Woman every single day without having to change who you are.

Day Five – I’m sharing a step-by-step guide so that you can
simplify [AND SHORTEN] your workouts and MAXIMISE the results you see and feel! How does less than 30 minutes to healthy, energetic and lean sound?

We’ll be hanging out in my Facebook group, and you’ll receive exclusive WWA workbooks to use alongside the daily Facebook Lives! Whilst it’s important you try to make the live sessions in-real-time so that you can ask your questions, replays will be available.

….PLUS, on Wednesday November 15th at 7pm GMT, 2pm EDT I am hosting The Wonder Woman Webinar in which I will be sharing my story of success from fat loss to creating an online business, and everything in between. This will be a practical, step-by-step webinar to help you TAKE ACTION in your own life, so that you can finish 2017 EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT with MORE TIME than you’ve had all year!

No More…

  • Self doubt
  • Overwhelm
  • Procrastination
  • Self sabotage


I help busy, ambitious women find more time to create a healthy and passion-filled lifestyle, by simplifying nutrition and movement, and breaking through their mindset blocks so that they can LOVE their life and achieve the goals they once thought were too big!