Pretty much twelve months ago I weighed myself each week, on a Wednesday, because that was the day Greyson was born. I had re-joined the gym in the October and had committed to at least three hourly workouts per week, I got my ‘groove’ back and I was eating six small meals a day.

You can imagine I was so happy to be back in the gym, I felt totally ‘on plan’ and this continued until the Wednesday I stepped on the scale and didn’t see the number change. 

What did i do?

I picked apart my food diary, I had eaten this or that, I should have worked out for longer or I didn’t push myself enough. Sure enough I started to drive myself crazy, each and every week!

I had committed to three resistance workouts, not three hours of cardio, I knew I wasn’t going to see a massive change on the scale and that I would slowly see my body shape change as I built muscle, lost fat and gained my confidence back. 

After another weigh in which didn’t go to plan I made the decision to stop weighing myself for January, I planned to weigh myself at the beginning of February…and then February went by and this carried on until May. Finally in May I decided I could just about handle what the scale might say, I knew I looked and felt better and clothes were looser. 

I stepped on the scale and had lost seven pounds. I had lost seven pounds despite the stress of returning to work, having a sick husband and son and being unwell myself. I knew I had lost seven pounds of fat, because I had hardly done any cardio in those five months. 

I felt really proud of my accomplishment, that despite having no clue what the scale said, no measuring, I had still managed to lose weight. I based my achievements each week on how much weight I was lifting instead of how much I weighed.

So why did I feel like seven pounds wasn’t enough?

Over the years society has told us that when we lose weight we should see a MASSIVE loss, we should achieve it quickly…and then?

Since May I have continued to lose a further seven pounds, however I started to get caught up with the weekly weigh in again. Weighing myself on a weekly basis, not seeing what I want, and picking apart my life…

This is an incredibly stressful way to live, I feel pressure from myself to see a great weight loss on the scale, when some weeks just getting a few hours sleep and two workouts is tough enough to achieve.

Once again I decided to cut out the weigh ins, I will weigh myself on December 31st, as I would like to know how much I have lost in 2015. I thought that I could train myself to not be affected by the scale, instead what I have found is that I can still achieve a lot without stepping on the scale to begin with. 

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