I am an emotional eater, I turn to food whether I am happy, sad, angry or stressed. Over the years I have taught myself to try and focus on correcting the emotion rather than going head first into a packet of cookies, because ultimately I would just feel worse afterwards. The past few weeks have definitely tested my eating strategy, I have had a sick child and I have been exhausted trying to manage everything. Some days things have not gone to plan, grabbing convenience foods, or not getting prepared for the gym has created a negative energy.

For the past ten weeks it has felt like we haven’t been able to catch a break. Greyson wasn’t sleeping very well, we were up every night and then we all started to get sick – understandably our immune systems were shot.┬áNow we have got over the worst of it and that feels great. Yet looking back at the past few weeks, I realised I also haven’t really taken care of myself in the best possible ways.

Starting this week I am implementing three strategies to help regain the balance in my life, get my butt to the gym and feel great…all week.

De-stress and sleep better. If you have been following me for a while, you know that this is an ongoing issue! I used to sleep really well for at least eight hours a night, since becoming a parent I have really struggled with the lack of sleep and we seem to go through regular phases of waking at night. I have a habit of working late every night at my laptop and this doesn’t help, my mind is buzzing with ideas and I struggle to switch off. I realised that I don’t need to do this every night. I could actually take three nights a week to have a bath, read (another ongoing plan) and get to bed 30 – 6o minutes earlier. I am going to do this the night before I go to the gym, as those are the mornings I like to get up earlier.

Go with a plan. I’ll be honest, since January I have only been to the gym once or twice a week – sleeping in has just been more of a priority. I have found that I’m not really interested in my workouts and I just throw something together – well this just won’t get me results. I have a gym notebook in which I write down exercises, workouts, circuits and PR’s so I am going to use this to its full potential. Three workouts this week, lower body, upper body and another lower body, mixing resistance and plyometric work to get my heart rate up and burn that fat.

Get organized. I am naturally organized I like things ready to go, this applies to my food and my gym bag. I’ve talked about food prepping before, so I won’t bore you, but prepping my gym bag is just as important to me. I have been slacking on this for a few weeks, and other than forgetting stuff too many times, it just takes extra time in the morning which I don’t really have.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn, sometimes you have to go through the tough times, reevaluate and then getting shit done is so much easier. I am feeling energized and I want to ensure I am taking care of my body in every way possible, this starts with reducing my stress levels and creating a balance of work, family and me.

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