New year, new you…

This phrase really irritates me! It puts so much pressure on us to commit to something by 12.01 on January 1st, and if we haven’t already figured out our new years resolution then we may as well just forget about it for another 12 months!

We try to start things on a Monday, or at the beginning of a month or year…why is it so damn hard just to start? If you are fed up with your lifestyle in May, why do you need continue feeling miserable any longer? 

It makes sense to us, right? Monday starts the week and we have seven days to ‘practice’ whatever it is we have intended to do, we prove we can ‘survive’ the weekend and then we carry on going. 

What if you didn’t put it on hold any longer, what if you made the change today? Would you still be able to ‘survive’ the weekend? Sure! Would you still be able to set a resolution come January 1st? Why the hell not!

You will probably find that your resolution will feel a lot less ‘scary’ if you started thinking about and acting on it now rather than waiting another few weeks.

I started my change on a Friday, maybe it was because I had more time that day, I don’t remember. What I do remember is how great it felt to have the whole weekend to get used to the changes I had made without distractions of work and other people questioning my intentions. Some people love Mondays, I hear people say ‘I only ever know when its Monday, its the only day I care about’ and I get it, really I do, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait. 

I really believe continuing to focus on your health even in the run up to 2016 is really important, you have already come so far…

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