This week I’m diving into a very important topic: Willpower!

I think I can safely say we’ve all had those moments where we’ve struggled with our health, and as we watch others get results, we feel like we have zero willpower.


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My husband could just decide to stop eating cookies and chocolate, lose a ton of weight over a few weeks and here I was struggling to shift one pound. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

What we don’t notice is that we have willpower in other areas of our lives, we only focus on the moments in which we struggle.

It can seem like willpower is this mythical beast, what is it, am I really missing the ‘willpower gene’ — this isn’t a thing and no you are not — and how do I find my willpower so I can get on with achieving my results?

Willpower 101


The most important thing to remember about willpower is that we all have it! YES it’s not something which is saved for the lucky few, the elite or the popular — we all have willpower.

What most people don’t realise is that willpower is something which we must take care of, and ultimately how often we look after and recharge our willpower will determine how successful we are in other areas of our lives.

Many of my clients come to me for healthy lifestyle coaching, within the realm of fat loss. They are looking to lose fat, and implement healthy eating and consistent movement into their lives. When we first start working together, it’s apparent their minds are full, full of what they think they should be doing, past struggles or failures and all this chaos has led them to this point.

Their willpower is well and truly drained.

We perceive willpower as this mythical beast, and we only notice that it’s not there when we cannot achieve something we really want. In most cases this appears within our career, wealth, health, weight, diet and exercise.

Willpower is like a battery, and like any battery for it to work it must be charged, and for it to continue working, we must continue to charge it back up on a regular basis.

We lead busy lives, trying to be great wives, mothers, friends and employees – but when we are allowing ourselves to be pulled in a million directions, we leave very little energy for ourselves and our health.

Have you ever wondered why it is you struggle to consistently implement healthy eating?

Or perhaps why you have all the willpower necessary when you buy your gym membership but quickly find yourself struggling to make it each week?

You are not alone, but the difference between those who you perceive to have willpower is that they are not fighting with their willpower [and losing] on a regular basis.

Stress shows up in our body in various ways, but some of the most common things we do which we think are improving our health, are actually draining our willpower and causing a self-destructive cycle AND weight gain.


  • Crash dieting

  • Over-exercising, specifically cardio

  • Yo-yo dieting

  • Cutting food groups


How many times has a stressful situation left you feeling physically and emotionally drained so that you order take out instead eating the food you’ve already got in the house, or skipping that workout?

This is what stress does to our body, and it ultimately drains our willpower.

If you are looking to improve your health, you must also take care of your willpower on a weekly basis.

We assume willpower is something we only need when it comes to dieting or weight loss, but for us to make positive choices on a consistent basis, we need to be taking care of ourselves from the inside-out.


If willpower is something you are constantly struggling with, and feel like it’s a never ending battle then make sure you grab your seat in my free 5-day challenge #ProjectYOU

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Starting Monday September 4th I’m going to be taking a group of women through 5-days of healthy challenges, sharing with them my best tools and strategies for self care and healthy living. 

  • No diets
  • No restriction

Instead we are going to work on recharging our willpower batteries, create time for ourselves and learn how to fill our lives with the things we WANT to do!

I cannot wait to get started with you – your seat is waiting.

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