whatwerepeatedlydo-@allielefevereI truly believe in this quote by Sean Covey, for five years I have worked on creating a healthy balance in my life. I will never ‘be done’ instead I will continue to make small changes, allow my confidence to grow and work on bettering myself.

So where do I start?

I touched on this in a previous post,
the best place to start is at the beginning. Write down your reasons why, you can write them on post its and place them where ever you will see them each day. Or write them in a journal so you can go back to them each day and remind yourself of why you are working on bettering yourself.

The caveat is that ‘I want to be healthy’ is not the answer. Blah, what does that even mean? My version of healthy is not going to be the same as a marathon runner or ‘clean eater’. Instead think about what your health/weight has stopped you from achieving. You might also find your reasons change over the years, as you become ‘what you do’.

Okay, got your reasons? Great lets move on!


  • Make one small change. Changing everything about your life all at once is not going to work, you will become totally overwhelmed. I cannot tell you how many times I used to start a new diet plan, buy all the ‘stuff’ and then a few months later it was sitting in the cupboard not being used. Trying to change every ‘bad habit’ at once doesn’t work, going from one extreme to the other will not work. 
  • Be consistent. Consistency is key, you have started small, with something you can do on a daily basis. Now do it for three weeks. You can do anything for three weeks, and it is said that after 21 times it becomes habit. 
  • Reward yourself. You have been repeating this change for three weeks, you have been consistent and you have succeeded. Now you need to reward yourself, not with food. Choose something that will make you feel even better about yourself. Maybe a massage, manicure, haircut or spa day, even a coffee with a best friend can be incredibly rewarding if you are busy.
  • Remember why. This is the point at which you need to start looking at those reasons again. You are a few weeks in, and maybe the motivation you had at the start is reducing, take the time to remind yourself of why you made these changes.

When I talk about small changes, you will need to set a specific goal for example 

‘I’m going to drink more water!’ 

Great but how much? How much is more? Buy a bottle and carry it with you, fill it throughout the day and you will know if you are in fact drinking more water.

Other changes you could make will depend on what you currently do/don’t do. 

Go for a short walk each day, add a salad or vegetables to each meal, make sure you have protein with every meal, add a protein shake to your day, reduce your bar of chocolate to two pieces.

Individually these are not scary changes, but if you try to start all of the above tomorrow, the likelihood is you will become overwhelmed, lose motivation, and stop making changes. 

You might be reading this and thinking, great but this is not new information, I have heard/read this before. You are 100% right! I am not creating new information, but I am also not a fitness model or celebrity trainer. 

I am a regular woman who over the past five years has at some point, tried all of these out. I didn’t wake up one morning in 2010 and write down my reasons and boom here I am! My reason was that a wonderful man had just proposed to me and I wanted to be slimmer for my wedding, I achieved that goal and moved onto the next one. 

Let me know which small change you can make!

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