I mentioned the other day on Facebook that I have consumed a considerable amount more sugar than I would normally…you know its the holidays when it’s not even 9.30am and you have eaten a bar of chocolate – although I had been up since five!

You guys know I love chocolate and normally I have 2 squares of dark chocolate at work, or later in the evening whilst I am writing or watching TV. This everyday indulgence keeps me from craving and keeps me feeling satisfied.

Yesterday we opened our Christmas stockings and we all had some candy. I opened my sugar free Reeses cups and Greyson started asking me for ‘choc choc’. He had already eaten an oat bar from his Organix selection box, so I was reluctant to allow him chocolate too. 

I was trying to hide the wrappers and get him to go and play,  I remembered that ‘hiding’ candy from him might give him the wrong impression too, I put the candy away and we played together. 

It’s really tough to know how to teach a child about moderation, I want him to have the things he enjoys (which at the moment is cheese) but yet understand about health and nutrition. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself as he isn’t even two yet, but it’s something that worries me, I don’t want him to ever feel the way I have felt about my body or about food. 

Food is something I enjoy, breakfast is an event in this house and there is nothing more I love than having a family dinner. 

It fascinates me how we all get so caught about food at this time of year, as December approaches the commercials on TV are full of snacks, over priced desserts and chocolates which are on offer – so you have to buy three tubs right?!

I am just as guilty, we had about five different types of dessert in our house, some of which have been eaten and some of which have gone to waste. It’s crazy that a week ago I wanted to make sugar cookies, and gingerbread men too! 

I have tried to continue to eat moderately, I have enjoyed wine, chocolate, a little Christmas cake and some bread, I have also made sure I get my protein, veggies and water too. 

Now is the time that all the New Year, New You memes will start – then there will be me just continuing on this journey…

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