I have been talking about coconut oil over on my Facebook page and how I started using it back in 2012 because my trainer told me to! I realised yesterday that I never questioned him. I didn’t do my own research first, I just went out bought my jar of coconut oil and started using it. 

So at which point should we question the experts?

This is a tough one because you have a level of trust with your trainer, you are giving them your money to improve your health. You expect them to know everything that will help you achieve your goals. 

Yet this couldn’t be farther from the truth, we are taught the ‘basics’ very early on – remember those? However I read and research everyday, I know how I can help someone now, but it doesn’t mean I stop reading, learning or developing my skills. 

I want you to question me! 

If I was to share some information with a client and they wanted to know more, I would be thrilled if they asked me the question why? This shows their level of trust in me, they trust me to not only help them, but to find the answer and share it with them. I want to be challenged by my clients, the more they ask why, the more I can research, share and challenge myself. 

So next time I write something and you want to know why, just ask…it will make my day!

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