No I am not pregnant, and unfortunately this isn’t the first time I have had to say this today!!

Yup once again I was asked by a customer ‘when is your baby due?’

This has happened to me too many times, and rather than trying to feel ‘bad’ about myself or the fact I carry my weight on my stomach, I am pissed that people – especially women – could be so rude!

My uniform is not the most flattering and the way we sit doesn’t help, but even when I was losing weight prior to getting pregnant I was asked maybe 3 or 4 times ‘when I was due?’ or ‘do you know what you are having?’ – you mean for dinner right?? 

Seriously, it is never OK to ask a woman if she is pregnant! Even if I see someone who is quite obviously pregnant I will not ask – because I am not 100% certain and it’s also none of my business. I’m not someone who gets super excited by strangers being pregnant or babies I don’t know – I kinda think they all look the same. 

The lady today said she felt really bad, but I could tell she was mostly just embarrassed and then it just made the next 5 minutes really awkward as she continued to ask me to do things for her and I just wanted to get up and walk away. 

There will be some of you who do not agree with me, maybe you think I shouldn’t get offended, but lets just think about something else…

What if someone had asked me this in February 2013, when I had just had a miscarriage? We do not know what is going on for other people, they are complete strangers and whilst it is OK to be friendly there are boundaries that need to be accepted. 

Don’t even get me started about once you do get pregnant and your stomach becomes public property…it’s also not OK to touch, stroke or caress a strangers stomach – nope – never ever!

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