As I sat in the living room with D, he handed me cards detailing his qualifications and insurance, I held them in my hands, staring at them wondering what the hell I had got myself into.

There I was 25 years of age, newly married, and struggling with my weight AGAIN.

It wasn’t the first time I had struggled with weight gain, it wasn’t even the tenth time, because for as long as I could remember I’d been dieting and gaining weight – it was a repetitive cycle. A cycle which didn’t seem to work, but what the hell else was I supposed to do?

In fact a couple of years earlier I had almost decided that being overweight [or fat as I used to label it] was my destiny, my thing, it was just who Melanie was.

Melanie was fat.


This was supposed to be the end of the story, no more dieting, no more trying to change it! Then on December 31st 2009 Matt proposed and EVERYTHING changed.

I felt like I had the reason I’d been waiting for, a sign that I was indeed worthy of something more.

Actually, it’s only now as I type this blog, I realise that part of me didn’t think he’d ever propose. I didn’t doubt his love for me, but I think I wondered if my weight was a silent issue. You see in the five years prior to ˜the proposal’ I had been on soooooooo many diets each year, trying to lose weight and telling him that ˜this time it’d be different’ and when it wasn’t – neither of us were really surprised.

He wasn’t unsupportive, but even I was fed up with the repetition and lack of results, why wouldn’t something work?

By the time we reached our wedding day in 2011 I had lost around 55lbs, I felt better in my body, I could move – in fact I could run – and I finally felt like I was living. My wedding dress had to be taken in three sizes and everyone could see the difference in my body.

I vowed I was never going back again.

Six months later, here I was sitting opposite D as he asked me questions about my health, fitness and diet.

In the weeks since our wedding I had quit the gym, stopped running and wasn’t following any kind of plan.

By the time I contacted D, I’d regained 15lbs and could feel myself sliding back into old habits; hiding food and not participating in any exercise.

I wasn’t ready for this to be over.

I’d already come so far.

What if someone could actually help me get even better results?

I’d contacted D because I knew I had to do something, I had to make an investment in myself, my health and my future.

Hiring a Personal Trainer wasn’t something people would have expected me to do, it felt really self indulgent and it wasn’t money we had lying around. We had just moved home!!

Yet I knew it was the right decision and as I convinced Matt that I needed to do this, I realised it was ME who needed convincing. I was scared.

I only worked with D for 4 months [a story for another time] but the results I had were incredible. I literally changed the shape of my body, my body weight went down, my confidence increased AND my opinion of healthy eating and exercise took a 180.

For the first time in my life I put my health above EVERYTHING else.


  • Instead of watching boxsets on TV, I’d workout, walk and practice bodyweight movements.
  • Instead of buying magazines I bought protein powders, and ingredients to make healthier recipes.


I started seeking out people within the health and fitness industry who could provide me with lifestyle tips and workouts. I found myself acting and behaving like a healthy woman, and it made the difference to my health ROI.

The return on my monthly investment was much greater because I was paying for the level of expertise I needed, I was paying for support and accountability.

When I jumped for program to program, my results reflected my investment. Incomplete. Inconsistent. 


As I started to slow down, focus and listen to my coach I understood what I could do on a daily basis to help me reach my long-term goals.

Instead of making the assumption that to become the person you want to be, that you need to do something or have something first, show up TODAY as the person you want to be. The only way to reach your goals, is by taking consistent and continued action.

Action begets action.
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