I spent so many years trying out quick fix diets, never understanding why I couldn’t see long term results. Well the main reason is long term is just that, forever.

I was so eager to lose weight, I couldn’t see past my weight loss or the scale. I just wanted it to hurry up, get to 146lbs and then i’m done! No more weight loss, after four years it would finally be over.

Well, we know it didn’t happen quite like that.

Now I can view the past six years with perspective, I see that every day is part of my journey and it is no longer a ‘weight loss’ journey. It is a journey about health and balance.

Take 2015, this past year was a journey about myself, it was about my mindset, confidence and body image. A year which started out as fat loss and macro focused, ended with me focusing on my business and self love, but I didn’t really notice this at the time. 

Of course it is important to make changes to your habits, which will assist with your short term goals, the little things which you already know aren’t great for your health. Yet isn’t it just as important to look at the long term, not just at a goal weight or dress size, but your health, longevity and what you want your future to look like?

As I started to change my view of my body and my health, I started to notice my stress levels reduce. I wasn’t spending as much mental energy getting every single calorie in each day, I stopped tracking on MFP and found I had an extra thirty minutes each day!

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