A healthy diet is not always a fat loss friendly diet, and foods which are often recommended by diet groups…are not fat loss friendly. If you are looking to lose fat, improve your health, discover a unique plan for yourself then you really need to understand the difference between “health foods” and “fat loss foods”.

So a majority of weight loss diets are focused on calories, and they consider some health benefits of the foods you eat. I know that in the last few years there has been a change with some well know diets pushing more fruits and vegetables – more whole foods. Yet despite this, not all fruits, vegetables and whole foods are fat loss foods.

You might be surprised to know that on weight watchers a banana is considered to be “free”, yet I suggest my clients consider this to be a starch, it’s high in sugar and we discuss starch at length because it can have a major impact on your body’s ability to lose fat.

I’m sharing you with nine fat loss non-negotiable’s. The strategies which I use with my clients, strategies that actually help you to lose fat, reduce hunger, maintain your energy and curb cravings.

#1 Fibre First

I break down carbohydrates into two elements:

  • Starch
  • Fibre

What do you think of when you read the word fibre? Most people think of whole grains, cereals, breads, and these foods do indeed contain fibre – but most of these foods have been marketed as fibre rich foods. They are actually starch heavy. 

Instead of looking to processed foods which contain fibre, choose fibre rich vegetables. Things like cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and other leafy greens – these are not just “healthy” they are fibre rich and full of vitamins and nutrients. The reason we don’t over consume on veggies is because they are incredibly filling and satiating.

#2 Discover YOUR trigger foods

Oh boy this is such a huge deal and it’s often overlooked within the industry. If like me you’ve frequently tried to lose weight on traditional calorie controlled diets, and struggled, you probably experienced insatiable cravings. A constant battle of willpower – am I right?!

Cravings can occur for many reasons, but it’s key to try and manage foods which specifically trigger your cravings. Your trigger foods may well be totally different to mine, and that’s why personal preference needs to be considered.

The only way to learn is to practice…listen to your body’s signals and when you eat or drink something processed then it’s worth noting how you feel afterwards. A good example is wine, I can have one glass and be absolutely satisfied. Some people cannot just have one glass, and then also find themselves over consuming food too – in this instance it would be a trigger.

#3 Pre Empt hunger

If you have more than twenty pounds of fat to lose and are just starting to change your lifestyle, then I suggest pre-empting hunger and eating frequently. The number of meals is dependant on your schedule and lifestyle, but by constantly pre-empting hunger you are making sure that you manage your meals. It is easy to eat for fat loss when you are not constantly plagued by hunger. Eating fibre rich, lean protein and water throughout the day will ensure hunger is managed.

#4 Listen to your body

What’s more important than calories? Well, a lot of things – but in relation to fat loss it is the feedback your body is giving you. Your body is pretty damn clever, and is designed to tell you when it’s full, hungry, thirsty etc but unfortunately the continued yo-yo dieting has impacted how well your body can do it’s job.

I suggest you listen to your body’s signals, and consider whether you are hungry [felt in the stomach], craving [experienced in your head] and whether you have low/high energy levels.

#5 Don’t try to outsmart your body

Stop trying to manipulate your weight with calories and exercise. You cannot and should not try to out train your diet, exercise is not a punishment. Choose healthy inside AND outside.

Your metabolism could care less what size your pants are!

Dr Jade Teta

#6 Let go of your bias

Did you know that your brain has negativity bias? It literally searches for validation of negative emotions, feelings, thoughts etc. So if you’ve ever heard “You’re not slim enough” your brain will look for validation of this.

Don’t worry you can change this, by manifesting what you want your body, health and lifestyle to look like. Your brain hears everything you say, deciding you are worthy enough of the kind of lifestyle you want – it is possible. 

#7 Get sh*t done

Taking the first step is ALWAYS the hardest. Nervous to join a gym or new exercise class? Yeah, I’ve been there – it’s scary, but what I can promise you is that this is the hardest step. Everything gets easier and the more you show up, the more passionate you become, the more motivation you will discover. Trust me, I hated sports as a teen!

We all have those days when “we don’t wanna” but your health is one of the most basic self care routines you could adopt – and probably the most beneficial. Be accountable to yourself and be clear with yourself WHY you want to make this change.

#8 Maximise your time

You’re short on time, you’re busy, you have a schedule. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can be a better version of yourself, and get all these things done on a daily basis. Maximise your time by finding strategies that work for you.

  • Prepare weeknight side dishes
  • Prepare lunches
  • Prepare Grab n Go Snacks
  • Pre cut veggies in bulk when you do have time
  • Stock some easy protein options
  • Workout intensely for 20 minutes or less
  • Schedule your workouts like a meeting

Figure out what you CAN do and make it work for you, don’t make your life any more difficult.

#9 Be kind to yourself

Above all else, be kind to yourself and make sure you look after your mind and body. If you spend too much time trying to be everything for everyone, you leave very little for yourself.

This is a unique process in which you get to write the rule book, so do your best, don’t feel guilty when things aren’t perfect and live your life.


“Whole hearted living begins the moment a woman decides to be her own best friend”




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