You may notice I often refer to fat loss rather then weight loss when talking about my aesthetic goals. I choose fat loss, because I want to lose fat – duh!

Melanie, we all want to lose fat, that’s the whole point of diets and exercise.

Not exactly. Most women want to get smaller, and the most obvious way of measuring this? Ding ding ding – on the scale. The scale is a great tool for weight loss, because as you lose weight, you will see that number drop and then life is complete, happily, ever and after…

This is how calories in VS calories out works…

Restrict your food intake, do not even think about enjoying your food = Calories In!

Spend hours doing cardio = Calories Out!

This is how you achieve weight loss, and some people will get long term results following this – some people. Most of us on the other hand, either quit because we are miserable or we achieve some results and then come “off plan” and find we never really get back on.

I am not afraid to say this is what I started doing in 2010, well sort of, you see I love food so much that trying to starve is pretty impossible for me.

You know what else can happen? You follow the weight loss theory and you lose a lot of weight, you suddenly find when you look in the mirror that your body doesn’t look how you expected it to.

“It is still the same body, it just weighs less.”

In March 2013 Matt and I went to Las Vegas, after losing 100lbs I went off to buy a bikini. When I looked in the dressing room mirror, I did not see what I had expected to see. I saw ‘jiggle’ and stretch marks. I remember taking pictures of myself to look at later and to ask for my husbands opinion. Of course nobody else saw what I saw, they saw a bikini, the colour and style. 

Funny right? We spend all this energy losing weight only to find we aren’t actually satisfied with the results.

So right before getting pregnant, I had just completed my PT diploma, learnt about Hypertrophy (muscle growth) and changed my gym to work on building muscle. I was only following this program for about four months but saw a dramatic difference in my body. As I got stronger, I started to look stronger, as I started to see results I researched resistance training and strength training and saw the results you could achieve.

“If you follow a fat loss program, you will lose fat not muscle – muscle can be a woman’s best friend”

So I knew after gaining fifty pounds with Greyson I would trust the fat loss theory, I would try (very hard) not to get caught up with the scale and its number. My body had changed, and I wanted to focus on my form and performing the exercise correctly before worrying about numbers. Initially I still had the ‘weight loss mindset’ I weighed in week after week and even when I lost weight I was unhappy with the number. I drove myself crazy.

So I quit weighing myself. I allowed myself to trust the process, and over five months I just kept going to the gym, lifting heavy, a little cardio sprinkled in and watched my food intake. I lost seven pounds of fat, and my body shape completely changed.

Seven pounds in five months? Yes, this shit takes time.

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  1. Great post – it’s so easy to get caught up in the number on the scale thinking you’re heading in the right direction only to still not like what you see in the mirror!

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