Okay, so I am taking you guys on a little mindset adventure with me, and I am explaining why we struggle so much with diets and weight loss.

Guess what! It isn’t about food or exercise!

I’ll tell you a story I have written for myself over the years. I’ve told myself that I am not clever enough, I am not smart, I am not academic and I am destined for boring jobs. So of course, I have already started to rewrite this story by finding my passion for health and fitness and writing for you. Yet sometimes this story still rears it’s ugly head!

Generally I am confident, and with my family and friends I am confident in my ability, but put me in a room with other fitness pros and I freak out. I start to feel anxious and get sweaty. I don’t even know what I think they are going to do or ask of me, but it scares the hell out of me. As I thought about this over the weekend I realised that I actually have applied for and worked in many jobs that were a repetition of this story. Only for me to get bored, stressed out and ultimately move on…to the next dull as dirt job.

You see how when we say ‘history repeats itself’ it can be true. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work for myself, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now I am slowly rewriting my story, I am writing, teaching and opening up my life so that I can help other women like me.

Please rewrite the story if it is doing you a disservice.


Video Notes

  • Last week we talked about diets, and ways in which we can get caught up in ‘diets’ and how the industry makes things more complicated
  • In this video I am touching on a couple of topics [1] Diet Myth Baggage [2] The Story We Tell Ourselves
  • My story? I used to think I was pre-programmed to be fat
  • I would start a diet, continually telling myself that I am fat, I would ‘quit’ the diet and this repetition justified my diet cycle
  • Your actions do not define you
  • Your body shape does not define you
  • I felt like I was the ‘fat friend’
  • If I am continually telling myself that I am the fat friend, then I am going to live that part in life
  • The repetitive cycle was the story I had created
  • Mindset is a big freaking deal, it shifts your mindset from scarcity to abundance
  • I’ve also told myself that I am not clever enough or smart enough, and that I don’t have the ‘right’ to teach anyone
  • I am now rewriting that story, I am sharing my stories and teaching women daily now
  • As I started to rewrite my journey I discovered who I am, and who I wanted to be
  • I can now see that being myself is the greatest things I can do, as I am the only version of myself
  • How to put this into action?
  • Quit what you are currently doing
  • If you are holding onto ‘diet myth baggage’ and allowing this to help you repeat the same story, then change it
  • If it hasn’t worked, it isn’t working, then it won’t work
  • Try something different, not the same diet packaged by someone else
  • Try the little things…
  • If you don’t eat breakfast, try eating breakfast
  • If you skip lunch, try eating at lunch
  • If you spend your day drinking coffee, and night drinking wine, drink some water
  • Continuing the same stories and repeat the same actions, we ‘fail’ and then we beat ourselves up and then go right back through the same process
  • It is not your fault
  • You have control over your choices, but you need to find what works for you
  • Finding what works for you, allows you to look at the bigger picture
  • Recognizing the story allows us to grow, and develop
  • “Not every choice is a permanent thing”
  • Take any choice you make, and don’t beat yourself up, acknowledge it and use it to develop your skills
  • Use the situations you find yourself in, to help you grow and achieve more

Hopefully this stuff resonates with you, if you feel like you have a story you’d like to share or talk through – please let me know. I can get on a 20 minute call with you or you can email me, and we can discuss it a little bit further. 


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