Last week I started journalling again, I wanted to start making some progress with my body and adding a fat loss programme back into my life. It has been a success, I have learnt some great new insights and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Whilst I maintained my weight, I also noticed some little habits creeping in, that were not fat loss friendly.

In this weeks video I am sharing with you what the four pillars of fat loss are, how you can figure out where to start, and what I have been doing to address my problem pillar.

Let’s get started!


Video Notes

  • Last week I mentioned I am going to start journalling, and address my body and fat loss goals
  • This week I am going to talk about [a] The Four Pillars Of Fat Loss and [b] The Balanced Journal
  • I didn’t want to use MFP or a notebook, I wanted to address the four pillars of fat loss, so I went ahead and created my own journal
  • The calories in, calories out model is outdated.
  • When following that model, processed food tends to be consumed and hours of cardio are completed because it provides a bigger calorie burn
  • You will hear me use the words FAT LOSS not weight loss because during wight loss, and diet restriction you are losing muscle
  • When I lost 100 pounds, I was following that model, I ran a lot and so when I reached my ‘goal weight’ I was just a smaller, softer version of myself.
  • Fat loss is harder than weight loss, but fat loss = body change
  • I don’t want to lose muscle, I want to hold onto as much muscle as possible, lose the fat and CHANGE MY BODY
  • I want you to be able do the same


  • You should be addressing these before you make those small habit changes
  • Take all four pillars, and address which one needs the most work
  • On a scale 1 – 10, 1 being “I totally struggle, I don’t know what or how to begin” and 10 being “I am set, I know exactly what to do”
  • I decided to address my Meals first, and I have been playing around with food timing. Not eating just because it’s a certain time – I want to feel hunger.
  • Always manage your Hunger, Energy and Cravings.


  • I created a journal which addresses the four pillars
  • I write words about my day
  • I am not doing math, adding calories or adding detailed ingredients
  • This is a great tool to refocus your intentions, and really understand your body, what and when it needs carbohydrates and fat.
  • How long did I walk for? What other leisure activities did I do that day?
  • When do I workout? What did I do and how did I feel before and after?
  • How did I sleep?
  • How did I feel when I woke up?
  • I am releasing this journal within the next week.
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  1. This looks really helpful. I think it will help me to see patterns of eating and how I feel. I’m going to jot down on note paper but looking forward to seeing your balance journal.

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