Sleep and stress are important for fat loss, but how much you get is going to be a balancing act, only you can control…



Video Notes

  • Talking stress and how it impacts our fat loss success
  • We throw the word around a lot [myself included]
  • A lot of us are creating additional unnecessary stress
  •  We need acute amounts of stress – think flight or fight
  • As a society we are very sedentary
  • When we follow traditional diets [eat less and exercise more] we are going from one extreme to the other
  • Our bodies are working hard burning calories, and we are under-eating
  • Excessive exercise causes excessive stress
  • Which is why we don’t always end up with the results we want or expect

My answers?

  • Short intense workouts. 3-5 short intense workouts, work hard and you will be in fat burning mode
  • Achieve more, by doing less
  • The caveat to this, if you enjoy longer training sessions, 5K, half marathon training etc – don’t give it up because of this, but balance it out
  • Find time to relax.
  • You need to find a balance between stress and leisure activities
  • Think Goldilocks! Jussssssst right 😉
  • Burn out is real, and I experienced this in 2015. I spent more time complaining about my situation rather than making better choices and changing what I was doing
  • Take action!
  • Sleep is important, but it is the action you take to create a better sleep schedule that will benefit your body and mind
  • Reminder of a suggested list of leisure activities: Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Reading, Journaling, Walking, Breathing, Baths

“Sort your stress out and your diet will sort itself out” – Dr Jade Teta



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