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It’s not all bikinis and six pack abs

I totally, 100% understand that you want to lose fat, change your body shape, feel like you fit, shed the weight once and for all. The idea that meals and exercise alone will achieve this is flawed.

Sure, meals and exercise change your body, you become healthier, lose fat and look better in the mirror – but what YOU actually think when YOU see yourself in that mirror is going to be crucial.

So why do you need to reset your mindset?



Video Notes

  • I give you information about fat loss, strategies, and stories about what has worked for me and why
  • Just like you I have been overloaded with information about dieting
  • Information is constantly being absorbed
  • So what do you with it all next?
  • We continually program jump, because everyone appears to have the answer
  • How do I know what is right?
  • This is where we go wrong…
  • I spent over a decade trying to search for the answer, this just ┬ámade it worse
  • I ended up even more confused and convinced that someone else had the answer
  • I didn’t realise that I needed to look inside of myself
  • I didn’t wake up one day, and realise this, but it was a process of challenging what I was told and what I thought I knew
  • I hope I provide you with information that makes you think ‘that makes sense’
  • That is how I felt, and that was my exact reason for trusting the process
  • It made sense.
  • It was about more than just numbers, it encouraged me to look inside of myself for results
  • I know this is challenging
  • TRUST YOURSELF – this is how you will be successful long-term
  • A product, pill or quick fix will not keep you happy
  • Even fat loss won’t make you happy – you have to make yourself happy
  • Even after my 100lb weight loss, I still couldn’t see the ‘new me’
  • All I saw was a ‘fat girl’ pretending to be someone else
  • I am more confident and more accepting of my body now than I would have 100 lighter
  • You don’t need to convince everyone else [they don’t know you] you’ve got to convince yourself
  • What is realistic for you?
  • Changing your mindset is what gets you there forever
  • Everything else? They are just healthy habits.


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