A few years ago I thought ‘all or nothing’ was the only way to succeed and achieve the perfect body I craved. I became very judgemental and bias, I believed you had to get your head to the same place or else you would fail.

This was before I became a coach or mother. 

I no longer strive for perfection, perhaps it no longer means the same thing to me, or perhaps I just don’t have the mental space to worry about it. Instead of trying to achieve the perfect body, I work hard on a daily basis to make better, healthier choices for my body and mind.

When we strive for ‘perfect’ we actually do not progress, if all our energy is caught up thinking that we haven’t achieved this goal, the likelihood is that we will never achieve this goal or be satisfied with it.

In today’s video I take through my thoughts on why I stopped striving for perfection and why you should too…



Video Notes

  • Are you striving for something that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or doesn’t really exist?
  • When someone has something we want, and don’t know how to get it – you might have to work for what you want
  • You cannot get things easily
  • Knowing what you are good at and enjoy, means you will find it easier to be motivated
  • This is why dieting was my worst nightmare, I struggled, I was inconsistent and I hated every moment of it
  • I also felt like everyone else had it easy #scarcity
  • I had to work on these emotions, even when I changed my approach, I had to work on the reasons why I felt like I was missing out and deprived
  • Even at my slimmest, I felt deprived
  • The more I pushed, the MORE I had to push
  • The more I had to push my workouts, the less progress I made. The more restrictive I became with my calories, the harder I pushed through hunger
  • The more I pushed against my body, the less progress I made
  • PERFECT ISN’T REAL – I never felt satisfied even though my body looked different
  • #effperfect
  • My lifestyle is real, and it’s about balancing what I have
  • My lifestyle is more balanced that 12 months ago, and it’s healthier than it was a few years ago
  • Each morning I wake up, and the first thought I have is “How am I going to make progress today??”
  • What’s healthy for YOU and YOUR body?
  • At the moment, getting a workout in, eating 80% whole foods and just living a healthier lifestyle = success [for me]
  • It’s not perfect, it’s about a little improvement each day
  • Those people who said they didn’t work hard for their success, maybe its true, but maybe it’s BS?!
  • Four years ago when I was losing 100lbs, I BS’d a lot! I shared those fitspo posts and acted like I had it all figured out and just woke up one morning and could suddenly run 3 miles
  • That was BS, it was about slow progress!
  • It sometimes felt amazing, but it also felt miserable – because it was never perfect…
  • I want to live an amazing, fulfilled life in a way that represents ME!
  • I want to show women how you can really be healthy, and how to live an abundant life
  • When I see Fitspo posts or detoxes – I just feel UGH!
  • Being healthy can be done with real food, and focus, it’s about knowing how to do it in a way that works for you
  • It’s about not feeling miserable when you have dessert
  • One meal will not ruin your diet or cause you to gain 20lbs!!!!
  • It is what you do AFTER this that represents your health and who you want to be
  • No more on/off plan or ‘all or nothing’ – it’s about continued progress!
  • Progress is the Process  😉

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