Back in 2009 I decided to follow Weight Watchers, I didn’t do it properly, I half assed the programme but I also probably gained a lot more weight during the process.


The plan is flawed, and what it taught me was completely flawed too. It didn’t address my needs, only what they wanted me to buy. You see in the UK our grocery stores have their own self branded ‘diet products’ and then we have Weight Watchers ‘diet products’. That’s pretty much it, unless you are looking for Slim Fast or meal replacement strategy.

I cannot tell you how many times I’d buy these ‘diet products’ – proclaimed to be ‘healthy’ and eat the entire box. Not because I lack self control, but because they are still cookies, cake, crisps or some other processed food that I wouldn’t normally eat.

The result? Cravings, a lot of cravings. Over consuming over food, calories and therefore weight gain, NOT weight loss.

Video Notes

  • I decided to start WW because a friend was following the plan, and having success
  • I got my points, bought a recipe book, calculator and dining out point book
  • I felt stressed, I had always counted calories – points confused me
  • All my negativity and my ‘reasons’ to fail were upfront
  • I’d make the WW chocolate recipe from the book, it made 4 servings – I’d eat 2 or 3 servings
  • I was adamant I couldn’t follow WW because there is ‘too much real food’
  • “I can’t diet with real food”
  • Now I know there are many reasons why WW didn’t work for me and others
  • WW didn’t for a number of reasons, the idea that it was ‘real food’ is BS
  • Chocolate cake isn’t ‘real food’, and regularly consuming chocolate cake isn’t how I would choose to eat at any other time

    So why did I decide this was okay when I was on a diet?

  • It was deemed healthy
  • I would then binge on more than 1 serving
  • I blamed myself, the diet and the real food
  • It wasn’t about ‘real food’ it was about the fact that this food did not keep me satiated. Chocolate cake sends my cravings out of control.
  • One piece of cake is not one piece for me, or at the very least I feel miserable afterwards
  • I will feel satisfied for the 30 seconds it takes me to eat it, but it will ruin my mindset for the rest of the day
  • This is why ‘what works for you’ is fundamental
  • Which foods are your triggers? Which foods make you crave?
  • Which foods are your buffer foods?
  • So, it wasn’t about the ‘real food’ on WW, it was about the fact that I thought I could have chocolate cake regularly AND lose weight
  • Just because you are dieting, it doesn’t mean your trigger foods change
  • It’s not about self control or willpower
  • You have to work on self control, and figure out ‘what works for you’

    {If you figure this out now, you won’t have to do it again}

  • If you are skeptical that’s okay, but healthy eating isn’t about eating nothing or eating plain and boring food
  • I ask you to think about your hunger, energy and cravings
  • Keep your energy high and cravings low


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4 Comments on Vlog: I didn’t think I could eat ‘real food’

  1. This is so interesting. I have a whole head full of “cans” and “can nots” in relation to what food is allowed. Never thought about it from the point of what works for me. I would love to get to the point where I eat for health/nourishment and allow myself treats if wanted/needed ❤️

  2. Exactly! We are so focused on an end result and see that as the goal/finish point. Instead the journey and process should be the goal – the result is whatever we choose it to be… success or excuse!

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