You might remember that I started out 2016 really not focusing on my weight. I had decided that I needed to think about my stress levels, and decided instead to eat moderately, and workout in a way that I loved…I had finally quit dieting.

What I quickly discovered was that moderation can be a slippery slope to over eating…and I certainly had my share of those meals. With everything I learnt a lot, and I have taken what I learnt and applied to my fat loss strategy.

Check out todays video to hear more, as always the video notes are below!

Video Notes

  • 0.21 my lifestyle plan for 2016
  • 1.14 the moderate approach I took with my meals
  • 2.04 what I decided I needed to figure out, so I didn’t have to start a new diet plan
  • 2.52 what happens when we focus on just one thing
  • 4.07 take a moderate approach to fat loss
  • 5.03 something is more beneficial than everything
  • 5.13 why you will struggle
  • 5.48 how to approach the four pillars of fat loss
  • 6.15 consistency
  • 6.43 Lose Love Learn
  • 7.15 I believe in you and your success



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