I am bringing you a slightly different video this week – less talking head – and a little more food, and insight into what I do. This video was filmed Saturday and after a long leisure walk and a ton of work…this lady was ready to eat!

I had already decided I wanted turkey stir fry so I threw this together and had leftovers for lunch this week [some of which I have just eaten].


Video Notes

  • Listening to my body in relation to hunger is important for my awareness and fat loss progress. I had drank a lot of coffee the morning this was filmed, and been for a 30 minute leisure walk. I am quite happy to eat something like at “breakfast” so I threw together a turkey and veggie stir-fry. I only had 2 larger meals this day.
  • I tend to buy the same groceries each week, and start all my meals with a high fibre – low starch base: spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower. I vary my protein sources between: turkey, lean beef or chicken breasts. I always buy: eggs, bacon, avocado, cream for my coffee, some fruit [usually berries], gluten free bread/wraps and a starch.
  • Whether you call it moderation or the 80:20 rule – I call it living and eating without being consumed by calories. I listen to my body – am I hungry? What is my activity level like for today? Questions I ask so that I can compose a meal of fat loss friendly goodness!
  • I reminded myself this week that a grain based breakfast is a craving inducer for me. I had oatmeal and was hungry within a couple of hours and then craving all afternoon, evening and into the next day.




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