I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and fellow coach, Carrie Headley. She is the CEO of Head In The Game Fitness, she is an online health coach.

Carrie and I have some very exciting LIVE interviews planned for this fall, so I wanted YOU to get to know her a little now, prior to our first Blab in October.

Take a look…


Video Notes

  • Carrie and I are collaborating this fall to do THREE live ‘blab’ chats which are completely free, and available for you, our readers to come and ask questions, or listen to some health & fitness talk. Dates and details are to be confirmed.
  • I got the opportunity to interview Carrie and ask her just a few questions about her struggles with weight loss, diets and mindset & the reasons why she chose to be a coach.
  • We also discussed the notion of quick fix, MLM type diet plans – a very honest answer from her and I am super glad you got to hear her message. More women need to hear something different.
  • We also discussed:
  • Why she never mentions weight loss in her business
  • What her weight held her back from in life
  • Which diet tips she still uses and why
  • Why she wanted to be a coach, and what that title means to her
  • What Carrie learnt last week
  • Super fun interview, really appreciate her taking her time to sit down with me and share this awesome insight with you.




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Melanie x




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