A friend, who was asking me about My Fitness Pal, asked me how I track when on holiday or dining out. Is this even possible?

The simple answer is yes this is possible, what matters is how you approach these meals. Why does dining out need to be so overindulgent? Why do we need to choose the most decadent meal or dessert?We allow our surroundings or fellow diners influence our decisions! I have done this more times than you’d think, and I even did it recently. 

We went for dinner with friends, and the men wanted to go to an American themed diner, I knew my options would be limited. Of course I did the usual, and checked the menu out the night before, they had a choice of salads. Great, that’s my meal sorted! 

We arrived and everyone wanted a lot of food, they had all opted for massive plates of ribs and wings. I slowly reworked the menu, checking every page, making sure there wasn’t something I had missed. You see the salads looked good, they had protein, cheese and I could add a side, yet I changed my mind at the last minute and chose fajitas. Why? I wanted something more, I didn’t want to miss out whilst everyone else was tucking into their meals. It didn’t stop there, I ordered dessert too! 

It wasn’t worth it, I couldn’t finish what I had ordered and the portions were so big that a salad would have been enough. 

So what could I have done differently? 

Well I could have just stuck to the original plan! Would I have felt satisfied? Who knows. 

You see whether you are eating at home, dining out or on vacation it comes back to the same thing, practice practice practice.

As I have said in previous posts, its not as simple as ‘do this’ or ‘don’t eat this’, I want to be able to eat anything I like…within moderation. I don’t want to stop eating chocolate, peanut butter, avocados or pancakes, I want to throw them in every so often, so that it stops me from eating 10,000 calories in one weekend. 

You cannot control every meal, outing or situation, but with practice you can create great habits, you can create a mindset that allows you to make the same choices no matter where you are. This is something My Fitness Pal will never be able to teach you.

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