My mum and I were talking recently, about Greyson, his diet and how it seems so tough to get an 18 month old to eat. Whilst we were chatting I confessed that when I was younger, probably between 7-10 years old I used to sneak & hide food a lot.

You see we didn’t really have unhealthy food in our home, my parents cooked ‘real’ food, no frozen junk or processed meals. My parents both worked full time and after school I would spend a few hours each evening with my grandparents. They were very old fashioned, she cooked pies, fried her own chips and toast would be swimming in butter, their cupboards were full of cookies, cakes and chocolate. Lucky for me they couldn’t hear very well! So whilst they were settled watching Rikki Lake (go figure!) I would sneak into the kitchen and take some sweet foods. I did this once or twice and when I realised I hadn’t been caught I carried on, each evening I would take cookies, cakes or chocolate. I remember I would stuff these foods into my mouth, because I didn’t want to be caught, I would hide wrappers so that there wasn’t any evidence. 

As an adult I realise my grandparents must have realised this was going on, yet they never said a word! 

When I told my mum this story, she was fascinated because she said her and my dad could never figure out why I was gaining weight. 
Now at 28 I live somewhere in the middle, very very far away from starvesville and as far away from binge avenue as possible. I have also realised this is what I have got to teach Greyson. Only now do my mum and I see that not having any sweet foods in our home was no better, all I learnt was to find them elsewhere.

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