are you...

Tired of spinning your wheels in business, and fed up of wondering what the next best move you should make is?

Totally over putting ALL your time and energy into tasks which do not move the dial in your business (or your bank balance!)?


Doing the bare minimum is taking up all your time, and there are zero hours left to work on the money making projects? 

well, you're in the right place...

introducing: the profit accelerator

A 4-Hour VIP Day for emerging female entrepreneurs who are ready to quit trading their time for energy and money.

Finally, become the CEO of your business, plan for profit and make the next 90-days more profitable than the last!

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You started your business so that you could be available for your family, be your own boss and feel fulfilled everyday… but now you are spending all your time working on tasks which do not make the money you desire and you feel disconnected from your clients and business vision! 

Just like you, I spent way too many hours working IN my business, and I couldn’t see HOW I would ever be able to scale, and make consistent 4-figure months when it was so hard to make £1500 in 18-months.

After way too many 60+ hour weeks, sleepless nights and tears at my laptop I decided that something had to change.

I stepped into my CEO role, created a plan with a crystal clear vision and simply decided that success was non-negotiable.

When I started planning for profit, I found myself moving the dial in my business and everything I did started accelerating my results:

✅ My email list tripled in just 3 months, with zero advertising spend

✅ I cut my working hours from 60 to just 18 each week, and spent more time with my family

✅ I gained 14-days back each month, so I could work on projects, study, research and actually coach my clients with ease

✅ I tripled my income, after spending 18-months hustling to make just £1500 in my business, I made £4,000 in less than 3-months

Are you ready to create a rock solid plan for your business, one which is fully aligned with your values and passion, so that you can accelerate your profit and get back more time to spend with your loved ones?

*Spaces are limited!*

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Here's what other women have to say about working with Melanie...

“Melanie was a god-send to me. She’s so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that feeling of overwhelm dissolved. She’s a superstar at what she does and I honestly believe she can help anyone dig their way out of the messy and chaotic trap that we put ourselves in to be more in our businesses.

Melissa Macfarlane | Melissa Mac Career Coaching

After The Profit Accelerator you will have:

  • Absolute confidence in your business model and feel fully aligned with your message so that content creation is effortless.
  • A rock solid plan which keeps you focused on the right things, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done each day and week to achieve your business goals.
  • A proven system to increase your productivity, so that you can get back more time to enjoy entrepreneurship, and confidently close your laptop and know your business is growing.

Here's what other women have to say about working with Melanie...

“Melanie’s batching strategy has been a total game changer for me and my business! Knowing that I have an hour towards client work daily and batching social media tasks on the weekend, has really created that mindset shift I’ve needed to beat the overwhelm and I am getting shit done!”

Kathy Frogosa | Frogosa’s Elite Solutions

The Profit Accelerator VIP Day Includes:

  • 4 hours of coaching time, either in person near my home in Norwich, Norfolk or online via Zoom. If you travel to Norwich, lunch will be included on the day of our session.
  • Pre coaching workbook, this will help you evaluate your current business model and systems, and set clear goals for the next 90-days. I will study your business so that during our session we are able to focus on what you want to achieve in your business. Once you secure your spot, you will receive a confirmation email which contains your in-depth workbook. This workbook will ask you questions which assess your goals and desires for your business and life.
  • Crystal Clear Planning. By the end of our session together, you can expect to have a solid plan in place to help you keep the dial pointed in the right direction inside your business. You will be able to squash the distractions and content switching, so that you can become more productive and focus on building consistent 4-figure months in your business.
  • Batch Your Business Systems. I will help you to batch your time, tasks and content in so that you walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to be more productive and accelerate your profit.

I’m a business coach, and I help emerging female entrepreneurs batch their entire business, so they can scale to consistent 4-figure months with ease using my 4K Freedom Method.

Maximising your productivity in the time you have available is my jam, I absolutely love strategizing and helping my clients get shit done whilst they claim back MORE time and freedom to enjoy entrepreneurship!

With over 5 years experience as an entrepreneur I have built two online businesses, helping dozens of women achieve their dream business, career and lifestyle.

Like many of the women I work with, I felt stuck for the longest time, nothing moved the dial and I couldn’t figure out how to change the situation. When I started batching my business, and got really clear on what kind of coach I wanted to be – everything became easier. Now my schedule is flexible to meet the needs of my clients AND my family, whilst giving my enough time and space to show up for myself.

I can’t wait to work with you, because I know how powerful planning for profit is, when you have a plan and systems in your business – everything accelerates, including your profit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

“This is all great Melanie, but why can’t I just use a planner?”

Even the prettiest planners get left to collect dust on your desk, and there is a massive difference between using a planner and having a rock solid business plan. I will help you keep the dial pointed in the right direction using my 4K Freedom Method.

My proven method is focused on creating a fully aligned plan for your business, and giving you productivity systems which keep you on track so that you can make more profit.

A planner cannot coach you, it doesn’t have the ability to hear your frustrations or personalise strategies to you and your business.

“I need to make money ASAP, will  The Profit Accelerator help me achieve this?”

The profit accelerator is designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their profit, by creating a rock solid plan which has clear tasks to help you stay focused and achieve your financial goal.

The Profit Accelerator will help you plug any leaks in your business model, bring clarity to your business tasks and help you stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

“I just want to make more money, why do I need a plan?”

Creating a business plan gives you clarity over your goals and tasks, saying you want to make £5000 per month is NOT the same as creating a plan which actually gets you there.

I will help you to create a plan which is aligned with your passion, goals and energetically feels good for your time!

“I don’t really like structure, is The Profit Accelerator right for me?”

The Profit Accelerator is designed to meet you where you are, if you’re not achieving the success you desire then perhaps some structure is exactly what you need. I consider my approach to be structure with a big dose of flexibility, as a mum I know how quickly my business and schedule has to pivot, so nothing is written in stone.

We will create the plan together and I will ensure it meets your needs, and feels good for you!

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warning: the profit accelerator is not for everyone

The Profit Accelerator VIP Day is for emerging female entrepreneurs who want to make consistent 4-figures in their business with ease.

You will need to be ready to let go of that “busy bee” badge of honour in your business, so that you can master your productivity!

Being busy might feel “superhero-ish” but it is not serving you or your business!

So, if you are ready to create a business plan which provides you with the consistent income you desire, whilst giving you freedom and time to spend with your family…

click the button below and secure your profit accelerator vip day session!

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