This topic is something I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks…perhaps even months. One of the awful mind fucks you can get trapped in as you give yourself permission to have it ALL is the comparison game.

The reality is that success is like an iceberg, most people will only see the tip — the sexy, the happiness and joy when you ‘make it’. Success is not so easy, and YOU know that my friend, success and making impact takes time.

When I visited North Carolina in September I was concerned that I’d feel ‘less than’ in comparison to my peers. That first night as we all sat there drinking cocktails and eating delicious Southern cuisine… I realised THIS IS ALL MY HEAD!

We started talking numbers and it became clear to me that these ideas I have in my head, they’re fictional and that whilst I know these women are incredible — they have the same concerns and questions as I do.

A few weeks earlier as I chatted with my friend, we were talking numbers, and she announced “I thought you had more…”

I wasn’t sad that I didn’t have what she expected, instead I was confused.

What is it that I say or do to give off an impression that I’m ahead or in a different position to you?

My biz mentor Jill Coleman says: you are not ahead or behind, you are exactly where you need to be.

Ain’t that the truth! We become laser focused on what we don’t have or where we want to be, that we forget…

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