Perfection, People Pleasing & why it’s okay if your goal isn’t Oprah! Giving Perfection the Bird with Jenna & Ashley! Episode 12


    From the moment I connected with Jenna & Ashley I knew I wanted to interview them for Lose Live Learn and share their message. Perfectionism is such a sneaky mofo and as I shared in the interview I didn’t even realise I was a perfectionist until I became a mother and business owner. […] Read more…

I am equal & worthy. Episode 08


  In this weeks episode of Lose Live Learn I’m discussing the label ‘plus size’ and how this has shown up negatively in my life. My dress size varies depending on where I shop, and whilst I can shop in stores like Lululemon…I also shop in stores dedicated to women who are +size 16. Walking […] Read more…

How to ACTUALLY lose “armpit fat”


As I scrolled through Pinterest innocently looking for inspirational quotes and affirmations to share, I noticed how every other image was “belly fat begone” or “get-that-sexy-ass-he-wants-you-to-have workout”. Enough.  I finally figured out how to remove these images, and I was a little saddened that it meant removing the topic “health and fitness”, the exact industry […] Read more…