:: Fit Friday :: Russian Twist 101


Fit Friday is a weekly segment in which I bring you a short but effective workout which can be completed by EVERYbody. You can be healthy at every size, and once you discover workouts which you actually enjoy you can not only unleash your inner athlete, you can live a healthy, passionate and purposeful life! […] Read more…

:: Fit Friday :: Get your balls out


I’m calling this workout ‘Kettlebells of the Ball’ 😉 I sent this workout out to my #EffPerfect challengers and I got some questions. So I went through the movements this week, so that I could answer their questions visually. For this short and effective workout I’ve paired just TWO exercises together and you’re completing them […] Read more…

:: Fit Friday :: Triple Threat


I used to love love LOVE training my shoulders…it was my go to workout when I didn’t want to do anything else! I fell out of love working my upper body, and my workouts have been so inconsistent for 18-months that I’ve just focused on bigger muscle groups…yes my legs and booty are strong AF! […] Read more…