Have your chocolate + eat it [without the guilt or shame]


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had something sweet after my dinner. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate, a homemade mocha or half a protein bar, it’s always satisfying and I savour it. Following this strategy prevents me from feeling restricted and is manageable so I don’t feel the need to […] Read more…

Video: Full Day Of Eating


“I don’t know what to eat…” I think there is an illusion that ‘healthy eating’ looks ONE particular way and that any diet, but especially weight loss requires one very specific way of eating. If you want to get short term results which leave you frustrated, then yes there is one specific way of eating […] Read more…

You need to answer this question first.


As a fat loss coach whose entire work is online, it could be easy to think that I am not the same person œin real life as I am œonline. Except I am. Both personally and professionally, I have the same principles. My personal beliefs about the world play out into my coaching, because I […] Read more…