Earlier this week I shared one of my best fat loss tips, something you an AND should consider before you even really know what or how you are going to succeed – you just need to do this first!

Now whilst I believe this to be great advice, I know we still get stuck. We know what protein, fibre and water looks like – but how do we make it more exciting? What do we buy at the store? How do we prevent our meals from being super boring?

Protein, fibre and water are not particularly sexy, but the process isn’t always going to be, but you can make it sexier 😉 So I want to ensure that when you start adding these three things to your meals, you know what the heck you are doing and how you are going to make it work for you!

I have compiled the questions and feedback I had from my VIPs and clients, and put together three ways in which you can make your busy life easier AND healthier! It doesn’t need to be super complicated, in fact it just needs to work for you.


#1 Make it part of your lifestyle

Getting started with this is the biggest step, I totally understand, and sometimes there is so much complicated and conflicting information, that when someone says ‘just add protein, fibre and water’ you’re thinking – yeah right!

I am not saying just eat PFW, I am not saying your diet should only be focused on PFW, I am pointing out that this is a great starting point for many people who want to lose fat forever. So how do you take something right now and make it work for you forever?

You slowly make it part of your lifestyle.

The first time I heard this information [and understood it] was back in 2012. I didn’t overhaul my diet in 30 seconds, instead it was a gradual process. I started with adding more protein, and then more fibre to my diet, it took time to create a balance that worked for me. Within six months I knew how to create meals which were healthy, filling, satisfying and going to get me the results I wanted.

I told you it wasn’t sexy, I gave you fair warning! Whilst you want to lose fat like yesterday – deep down you know that doesn’t work. It may not take you six months, but what’s six months if it means you’ve got this strategy forever?

Consider each meal you make, and do a mental checklist: Protein ˆš Fibre ˆš Water ˆš

So, lets talk about the ‘elephant in the room’ carbohydrates and fat are required in your diet, and how much will depend on your body, activity and personal preference. The biggest mistake we make is by starting our meals with a carbohydrate, adding a fat and allowing protein and fibre to be an afterthought. Reverse engineer your meals.

Is it always perfect? No. Do I still have cravings? Yes. It’s progress, and my cravings are reduced, they are not the same, I am more aware of them and this is because I always come back to the knowledge that I can create a fat loss friendly meal.

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, and don’t allow your past choices to dictate your present. #effperfect


#2 Start with a fibre base [reverse engineer your meals]


We all know that vegetables are healthy, but if you want to lose fat starting with a fibre base and building your meal from there is really non-negotiable. If you want to reduce the feeling of hunger and cravings, this is where you start.

Plan each meal around your vegetables, consider adding a variety of textures, colours and flavours. You want to be having a minimum of 3-5 grams of fibre at every meal. This is not a huge amount, and there is roughly 2g dietary fibre in 100g of spinach, 4g in 100g brussel sprouts and 2.5g in 100g broccoli.

Once you’ve got your fibre base, add 20 – 40g of protein which is 1-2 scoops of protein powder [depending on the brand], 4oz chicken breast or 6 large egg whites.

This combination of fibre and protein will keep you feeling full, and if you are not going to be particularly active you may find that this kind of meal will keep you feeling energised without the need for carbohydrates or fat. However, it is important for me to point out that this is the starting point, and as a coach I build my clients from this base. Make sure you navigate your feelings of hunger, your energy levels and whether you experience any cravings.

#3 Don’t forget your ‘extras’

Step two sounds a little plain and boring and ‘diet-ey’ right? Yep, that’s why I always add my extras to my day! Your ‘extras’ are 3 – 5 foods that are not ‘diet’ foods but you love them, you don’t need a lot to feel satisfied. My extras are:

  • Salad dressing
  • Peanut butter
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cream [for my morning coffee]
  • White Zinfandel

I love salads, and I eat them every day so for me salad dressing is also non-negotiable just like my PFW meals! Make sure that your extras are things you enjoy, and quite honestly they probably shouldn’t be “healthy” but hey we all want AND enjoy different things – so make it work for you! These few foods will continually remind you that they are ALWAYS available #abundance and that you can have them at any time, there is really no need to binge on them right now.


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