If, like myself you have spent more of your life overweight, battling with your body and trying diet after diet after diet…then you’ve likely also been told “Just eat intuitively”.

How did that make you feel?

I know that I always felt insulted, like “This ain’t my first rodeo dude!”, because when you’ve tried EVERYTHING and spent precious time, energy and money on these diet plans.

You really don’t want to believe that you had the answers all along.

There are a few reasons why intuitive eating feels so unattainable:

  1. The diet industry does a great job at convincing you of your insecurities and inabilities to lose weight
  2. You might not fully understand what/why/how to implement intuitive eating
  3. You likely don’t have the ‘food fundamentals’ in place

So, lets tackle each one of these head on today, and move you forward in the right direction!


#1 The diet industry does a great job at convincing you of your insecurities and inabilities to lose weight.

You start a diet, and you get results, so your friends/family/co workers join in — and BAM they start getting great results too! Then within a few weeks you start to struggle, but everyone is still getting results. You have now decided this is entirely your fault and you are to blame.

These diets, the Slimming Worlds, Weight Watchers and Lighter Life’s — they are set up to fail. Why? To keep you coming back, to keep you thinking it’s your fault…and to make the big bucks they want!

Intuitive eating is not gimmicky — it isn’t possible — because it’s individual, unique and you are the one in control of what you choose to eat. There are no hard and fast rules, there are things you can try and see what sticks, see which strategies work for you, and then do more of those!

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#2 You might not fully understand what/why/how to implement intuitive eating.

I used to think intuitive eating meant you could just eat processed foods in moderation, like I didn’t need to eat vegetables, fruits, proteins — no whole foods. I was living in this world, where I could eat just the ‘fun stuff’ in moderation and be healthy/thin.

Intuitive eating is not about binging or neglecting your health for processed foods, it is about listening to your body’s hunger cues and reacting to those.

So, every food is now available — just not all at the same time.

In this weeks episode of Lose.Live.Learn I provide you with 3 strategies to help get you started, these are the exact things I did as I slowly introduced intuitive eating into my lifestyle.

  1. Ask yourself ‘am I hungry?’
  2. Only eat to 80% fullness
  3. Leave something on your plate


#3 You likely don’t have the ‘food fundamentals’ in place.

As I mentioned in #2 intuitive eating is not about binging or neglecting your health, if making your health a priority is your jam — then most of your diet should still be made up of whole and unprocessed foods. It doesn’t need to be organic, clean or perfect — think veggies, fruits, lean proteins and choosing starches and fats which work for you and your body.

So one of the biggest traps we fall into is meticulously counting calories, but quite honestly there isn’t a place for this with intuitive eating because, it’s not intuitive.

The key is to make certain foods a priority and work you way up from there:




These 3 foods are naturally low in calorie and keep you feeling full, less hunger and cravings and more energy to remove those pesky energy crashes!

Be sure to check out the full video for an in-depth look at intuitive eating!


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