1I love BBQ season, the smell of coals burning and the buzz on Fourth of July = Perfection!

What I don’t love is, burgers!

So each year I make my own turkey burgers. They are low in fat, and BIG on flavour! Which at this point is non-negotiable for me!

In my new recipe book #BoringSaladSolutions I share a “Burger Bowl” recipe and this turkey burger is perfect for the salad.

The patties are also a really easy way of preparing something for the week which can be used as a burger, meatballs or crumbed into wraps for lunch! There are lots of options and I think food preparation is all about getting creative so that you don’t bored!

Turkey Zuch Burgers-2.png


If you’re looking for a simple, affordable and DELICIOUS way to add more veggies into your diet, then I’ve got you covered! I just released my first recipe book Boring Salad Solutions. 

I’ve compiled my top 5 salad combinations, all of which are super simple because I am no gourmet chef and I’d rather spend my time in the gym, reading and playing with son. Have you ever found a beautiful, ‘food porn’ recipe on pinterest or Insta only to discover it requires 20 ingredients and they are $$$$ to me it’s a big #unfollow

I’m bringing you real-life recipes I recreate on a weekly basis without all the stress.

Get your copy of #boringsaladsolutions here

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