I shared my morning coffee routine on my Facebook page today, I love coffee, not for the caffeine hit, but because I think it is delicious. The first cup of coffee each morning is my favourite, I have a machine which grinds the beans and I take 1 short cup and add a double espresso. I top this off with a little cream and unsweetened almond milk, sometimes I’ll add a short squirt of sugar free syrup.

I realised the way I take my coffee, is very similar to my personality 😉

I love mugs with quotes on them…

IMG_5527I love having things that are personal and quirky, the mug pictured was a Christmas gift from my mum, and although the print rubbed off (damn you etsy!!!) I loved the thought and how freaking true it is.

I also love logo shirts, I would say half my wardrobe is full of logo tanks, tees and sweaters! I like to make a statement and i’m not afraid to stand out.

I think these can be so powerful and they make me smile whenever I see them.

I love strong coffee…

I fight for what I believe in, what seems right to me and I try (sometimes to hard) to protect others. I don’t like playing the victim and I am constantly working on being more aware of these situations so I can preempt and redirect the energy elsewhere. Strength is about more than lifting weights, it is about lifting yourself when you are struggling and lifting others when you are able to.

I like my morning coffee with a little cream…

Although I have physique goals, it is more important for me to have a great relationship with food, my body, self image and exercise. I have cream in my coffee because I want to practice the art of moderation and eating instinctively. Cream seems indulgent or naughty, but in reality it’s just cream, how we label it is our choice. I like to challenge the normal diet rules and this is just another way I can manage my cravings and ensure I feel satisfied each day.

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  1. Love this post, it’s all I ever wanted for you! To be what you are-and that is truly amazing. Never give up on your dreams or what you know to be right🤓😻

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