If someone had approached me six years ago and explained to me how to eat instinctively, I would have ignored them. Not because I am rude, but because it breaks every diet rule I ever knew existed.

Following a diet is easy, you get a rule book, with how many calories to eat, what sort of foods to eat etc. Eating instinctively takes effort, it requires self trust and the ability to look at your health long-term.

Six years ago I felt like I needed the rules, I had tried to lose weight for years and although I had some success, it was never long-term. One of the biggest battles was realising that I didn’t need to follow any rules, I could in fact eat instinctively.

These are just three ‘rules’ I commonly hear

#1 ‘You must burn more calories than you consume’

#2 ‘You have to eat breakfast’

#3 ‘You must drink three litres of water a day’

Caloric restriction is the method most of us have used over the years, if like me it has never worked long-term then perhaps it’s time to try something new? Something which allows you to enjoy cooking or dining out, something that doesn’t require stress every time you find yourself without your ‘diet foods’.

Breakfast is great, I am an advocate for breakfast, but not everyone likes eating early or even wants to. Some people actually have success with intermittent fasting, and this is an occasion when breakfast would not be suitable.

Okay, so i do pretty much only drink water…but I certainly don’t obssess over how much water I drink. I remember a few years ago when a friend of mine was doing the ‘Cambridge diet’ and it required replacement shakes etc She literally carried a litre water bottle everywhere she went. She couldn’t order any other drink! She was so scared of breaking a rule that it became a crazy obsession.

I’ve been thinking about what my ‘diet¬†rules’¬†would be, and this is what I came up with

Reduce stress

Understand my body

Long-term habits

Eat Instinctively


These are the ‘rules’ I live by, there isn’t a magic number in sight, this is a process I can trust to help me achieve the lifestyle I desire. These rules are about finding what works for you, leaving the complicated ideas in the past and embracing a future a place where you can love your body, lose fat and not lose your mind.

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  1. In the past I have been so frustrated by rules in certain diets, I think they ultimately caused me to fail. I didn’t agree with them but when I broke them, I felt horrible. I agree, you really have to figure out what is best for you. We often already know what we need to change in our own lives.

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