I have no problem putting myself first.

Sure, as a mother I’ve experienced struggles, mummy guilt, but I also know that my health is what will keep me around for years to come. Why wouldn’t I put that at the very top of my priority list?

When we spend so much time focused on our weight, our size, our body shape and image – it becomes very easy to forget about our health. Yet the likelihood is you want to live a long, amazing and fulfilled life, so isn’t your health important to support your future?

We consider our income, how much money we are making and we work towards setting up a pension for retirement. We work endless hours, stressing about deadlines, investing in emotional BS that isn’t ours.

Have you considered your health pension??

If you don’t start taking time to implement healthier habits now  – what’s the alternative?

Maybe it’s because longevity is a very real part of my life, my biggest fear is that I will not be around for my husband and kid. I pretty much believe I can do anything else in life, I can be who I want to be – but the only way I can control my future is by being the healthiest version of myself.

You cannot continue to put your health on the back burner, ignoring it, thinking it’s okay – I’ve got time. I did this for years, and whilst I try very hard not to dwell on what I didn’t do, I have to invest a lot harder in my health now.

I have amazing clients, and one of them put it so perfectly this week:

“No one should have to go through a crisis to take some ME time”

This had me in tears, in the middle of my Facebook live session on Sunday evening. If you missed this discussion, catch the replay here.

So this weeks video is a challenge for you to consider what your options are, and how you can implement some movement into your week.


Video Notes

0.09 – choose your discomfort

1.10 – “I don’t know how you walk in this weather”

1.33 – my mindset shift

4.03 – aren’t you still uncomfortable?

4.14 – why do you want to do this?

4.36 – how you get the wins

5.02 – don’t wait around for motivation to arrive

5.34 – Implementation

5.55 – small wins

6.22 – make some space for your health

7.24 – create something that works for YOU

7.54 – get smart about your schedule

8.22 – find some time

8.54 – your actions create an example

9.42 – your health has got to move UP the priority list




Trying to have it all is freaking hard work! Trying to balance your own needs, with work, kids, spouse AND your health – it can feel like a constant battle.

I hear ya mama! This is the reason each week I send out a couple of emails to my VIP’s. They receive my best content straight to their inbox and are always the first to know about any exciting new projects or programs I’m running!

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I don’t believe you need to diet to lose fat, in fact I actually love a quitter…I want you to quit dieting, because in the long-term, dieting is making us overweight.

 – Melanie




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