Okay, so if you’re here in real time – Hieeeeee – I’m like a unicorn on magic dust right now because on Wednesday I’m opening up the doors on my *NEW* lifestyle transformation program Life by Design!

This program has been almost two years in the making, but I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs for the past 104 weeks…I was busy designing my own life.

A life which I had only wished and dreamt about a decade ago…

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had BIG ideas. I have a great imagination, and so I would often dream up ideas and plans, but in reality they were never feasible. My mum and I recently joked about how I’ve always dove head first into situations without thinking things through…she’d often come upstairs because she could hear banging only to find my furniture blocking the door as I’d started moving things around.

For the most part my parents just allowed me to get on with it, which now as a parent I can’t imagine was easy.

As I headed into my teens, this didn’t slow down, BUT I was hit with a big old dose of real world. My teens were far from fun, I didn’t fit in, I was overweight and made one of these decisions in which I had my hair cut SUPER short…it did not suit me and I hated it!

So, it’s safe to say my teenage years were the start of what lead me to thinking much smaller…wayyyyy smaller about what I could do in life and who I was.


Actually, I can!

Many of us walk around believing that successful people are just lucky, or that they bought their way to success. Sure some people are in the right place at the right time, but there are many successful people who believe one very simple thing:

I can do this.

They don’t have limiting beliefs, and they sure as hell aren’t looking around at what other people are doing to move forward. If you need a really good example, let’s go with Oprah!

She admits she doesn’t have ALL her shit together, but she made the Oprah show successful by looking forward rather than looking at the competition.

Another example? 

Alexander Graham Bell, he believed in his invention…in fact his team did not believe in his invention.

Henry Ford, he believed in the V8 engine…his team did not believe it was possible…and yet it was.

Roger Bannister ran the first 4-minute mile in 1954, up until he did it, no one believed it could be done.

What’s YOUR 4-minute mile?


It’s easy to believe that the ‘real world’ is what drys up our dreams, but in reality we are completely responsible.

We take these dreams, inject someone else’s belief system, and voila we no longer believe we are capable of anything bigger than what is expected of us.

I actually know some of these people in real life, the ones who are successful not by sheer luck but because they didn’t allow anyone else’s beliefs to stop them.

When I was 13 a friend said to me:

“I’m not going to be someone who says ‘when I get older I’ll be an astronaut’ all whilst I’m ¬†being a postman. I’m going to be the astronaut, and when I’m older and want a quiet life…I’ll be a postman”

Pretty big words from a 13 year old boy, this boy is a now a successful 30 year old architect living in homes between London and Paris and doing EXACTLY what he set out to do.

Another friend knew at 16 that she was going to be a Solicitor, and eventually a Judge. She knew the EXACT path she had to follow, and she studied harder than anyone I’ve ever met. She excelled in every way, because she had a burning passion and desire to achieve. She is now a successful solicitor, working at a top firm, in the department she wanted.

These people do not have anything different to you or I, what they have is LESS, less barriers, less beliefs that they are not ENOUGH.

Melanie 2.0


Up until 2015, I also believed that I was not ‘good enough’ and I couldn’t understand how my friends and others were so successful all whilst I was over here being an ‘adult’ doing the ‘adult’ stuff of life…

That was until I did something really selfish.

I use the word selfish loosely, because it was a choice, and as far as I’m concerned it was 1000000% the right choice.

That ONE choice set me on a path of self development, something I would have rolled my eyes at a few years earlier. I was finally open and ready to LEARN how it was I could be successful in my own right, and I wanted to finally realise my ability.

That girl who moved her bedroom furniture around, is still here inside of me, and I still jump into things, BUT I also have an ability to see frameworks in a different way to other people. I am able to connect with other women because I’m just like you.

I wanted more, and I finally said ENOUGH, I’m going for it.

Being selfish is not always a bad thing, sometimes it can tell the world “I am here to be respected and I’ve got more to offer”.


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Life by Design opens for enrolment this coming Wednesday September 13th!

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