I’ve got a secret, I cheat on my New Years resolutions, because I start them before January 1st…

As y’all know I am not a big fan of the ‘New Year, New You’ mindset because it’s a waiting game, and if for any reason you don’t start and fully commit on January 1st, you end up feeling like a failure before you have tried. 

That being said I do love the start of the new year (not only will it be my birthday soon) because its fresh, whatever happened last year is in the past and you have 365 days to create something amazing. 

So I have some resolutions which I have already started, and not all of them are health and fitness related…

1) Bad Habit..I have a really bad habit of picking the skin on my fingers. Hello Mum…I know you are reading this, thanks for my only bad habit! I do it when I am stressed/bored and usually until they are sore/bleeding. So I am trying to apply cuticle oil to my nails each night before bed and get this habit gone!

2) Workouts…so I started this year going ‘all or nothing’ and guess what – nothing arrived on my doorstep more than once! So my aim for 2016 is to workout at least 3 times a week. This will be 3 resistance workouts with some #LiftWeightsFaster thrown in as cardio. This is my current workout plan so my aim is to continue. 

3) Reading…I don’t read a lot, I read blogs, research and a few diet books. My aim this year is to try and read 6 new books – for a girl who hasn’t read a book in years this will be a challenge!

4) Progress…I want to measure my progress in a different way. So i’m thinking about taking progress pictures on a weekly basis, and measurements every fortnight, and I will probably weigh in when I feel comfortable enough to. 

5) De-stress… As you know sleep is a massive problem for me because my son has a tendancy of waking up at night. Although we are trying to figure out ways of stopping this from happening, I also need to take more time to relax before bed and not write or work up until bed time. I have been thinking about taking an evening yoga class, but I know I will be very fussy about the teacher etc. So until I can find a class I like, baths and reading need to be on the agenda. 

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