I will be 29 next month and for the first time ever I do not feel as festive as I would normally. Don’t get me wrong, our lights are up, our tree is decorated and the presents are wrapped, but I just feel a bit blah about it all.

I am looking forward to the time off with my family, watching Greyson on Christmas morning as he is starting to understand it all this year, but all the decorating just makes me want to take a big nap! I usually bake lots of cookies, make cocoa and peppermint bark and hand this out as gifts, I have 11 days until Christmas and so far I have bought the ingredients for the bark…because it’s my favourite.

Perhaps I just need to watch a few more Christmas movies, get on with making some cookies and listen to my favourite Christmas music. I love the holidays, and I know so many people don’t, I love the special memories I hold of my childhood and seeing my son get so excited by Advent, and Elf on the Shelf makes it special.

So why, this year, am I not feeling the Christmas spirit…

I guess I am really looking forward to 2016, I have so much planned for the next year, that it kind of feels like my Christmas. Twelve months of gifting, educating and making me a better coach!

Why do we do this, we get so excited by the prospect of something which hasn’t even happened yet that we forget to enjoy the moment we are in. I do this a lot, playing out scenarios of what the future might look like, getting excited by an imaginary story I have created. Of course it’s awesome, because I created it!

For the next 10 days I plan to just let things go (like Elsa) I want to get to the gym when I can, write, sleep and start to relax before my Christmas break…and work – I still have to fit work in too.  

If I can master this, it will allow me to feel much more relaxed during my break, and not freak out like I did in September!

#LoveWhatYouHave #HaveWhatYouLove

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