What do I crave right now (more than peanut butter) A BALANCED LIFE.

Towards the end of 2015 I realised my life was all over the place, I would bounce from emotion to emotion and I felt like I was busy doing nothing. I am motivated, I am hard working but nothing was falling into place. I would commit to a new exercise plan or the number of workouts I was going to complete and then nothing would happen. In December I thought weekly weigh ins and videos would keep me accountable, ultimately I felt worse about myself.
I felt really stuck.
I realised the only person who could change this was me, I needed to strip away the layers of schedules and commitments and prioritize, organise and plan my time accordingly. I invested in a planner, I created a space to work in and over the Christmas break I spent time figuring out how I could create a life of balance.

Here are the 3 steps I took to SSE…

#1 Buh Bye My Fitness Pal!
You might be surprised but the first thing I removed was calorie/macro tracking, I have shared my story of IIFYM dieting and whilst I had convinced myself I wasn’t dieting, I really was and the constant calculations were making me miserable. I started macro tracking in 2015 and I became completely obsessed with My Fitness Pal, whilst it is a great tool, my relationship with it was not healthy. Buh bye!!
#2 Hello Lifestyle Goals
I wrote down some goals which were NOT weight loss or physique orientated. I have spent time reading (more), I have more baths, get more sleep, make more time for myself and my husband. Whilst these are a working progress I have already finished one book, which is more than I read in the previous few years. I have found myself purchasing ‘self help’ books about mindset, creative thinking and success, I am more inclined to read when it is in line with my other goals.
#3 See ya scales, welcome moderation.
Finally I stopped making my weight a priority, I weighed myself on New Years Eve and do not intend to step on a scale until January 1st 2017. Whilst my physique is still important, I stopped placing my self worth in my weight, I started enjoying food more, all whilst still eating plenty of protein, veggies and fiber. Some days I find myself feeling a little out of control, but I remind myself that I should be confident in my ability to manage my weight or physique without a number.
These steps led me to being Satisfied, Stress Free and Energized or SSE for short. These 3 steps didn’t require a lot of time or effort, I was at breaking point, I felt exhausted and knew I had to change my way of thinking before I could change my body. 
Whilst perhaps the concept of SSE is not new, my approach comes from years of failed diets and the stress and exhaustion that is associated with constantly coming ‘off plan’ – dieting might be easy, but at some point you have to end the diet. 
I made a commitment that 2016 would be the year I get rid of the ‘dieters mindset’, learn to love my body for what is right now, not what I think it should be, and spend more time educating others on how they can take this approach to a more satisfying way of life.
– Melanie x
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