My business is a HUGE part of my life, and I haven’t always shared too much because you’re here for fat loss and health talk right?

Well, my business affects my health, and my health affects my business.

In fact, I’ve learnt more about my health since becoming an entrepreneur than I had prior.

When you become the boss and are the ONLY person in your team [yes I do it ALL!] it can become:

  • Overwhelming
  • Stressful

Two things which are not particularly healthy when they are prolonged.

Most entrepreneurs gain 10-15lbs in their first year of business, and girl I’m not surprised at all. You’re doing the very thing you LOVE, but it consumes you, and you live in fear of failure and your entire self-worth gets pumped into how much other people ˜like’ your work!!

I knew 2017 would be awesome, but I feel like I’ve come full circle in the past five years, and as I head into the final few months of this year, I realized that I treat my health the same way I treat my business.

  • I look to my peers for support
  • I take it slow
  • I’m compassionate with myself
  • I understand that it takes work, and doesn’t happen overnight
  • I’m willing to invest because I know it’s important to learn from others
  • Failure is not an option

Now, let me be clear this doesn’t mean it’s perfect nor does it mean I don’t have moments of self-doubt, but instead of sitting in the overwhelm alone I reach out and take action in one of the ways I’ve detailed above.

My entire business is just me, so each work day it’s just me, myself and I!

As an introvert I was thrilled to move from customer facing role, to working alone, except I also found that I became a hermit. Me, myself and my laptop.

Heck I didn’t even have to get dressed, but a few months in I found that this wasn’t what I really wanted either.

I wanted to work for myself.

I wanted to help women achieve their goals.

I wanted the option of going to work in my jammies.

What I needed was a feeling of community and this was one of the reasons I applied to be a part of a business coaching group.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be around people, it was that I hadn’t found my tribe.

As I type this I’m in Ashville, North Carolina [a beautiful city] for a 2-day business retreat.

Tomorrow I’m going to be meeting women I’ve known through social media for almost two years and I will be surrounded by my tribe.

Last September I was so disappointed that I couldn’t be here, but I’m actually glad I didn’t come¦

If I had been here last year, I would have been fully into imposter syndrome:

œWho the hell do you think you are?

I would have been obsessed with my body, I wouldn’t have known what to wear, and I guarantee you I would’ve have bought a whole new wardrobe to try and feel better!

I wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience¦I would have felt ungrateful, and then been on a speeding train to shame-ville.

A year ago, I treated my body and business the same way¦

I compared them to other peoples.

I worried about numbers.

I had zero compassion.

I’m only a few years into business, but if I’ve learnt ONE thing it is this:

Everything you want in life takes time, patience and practice.

You cannot compare your story to the woman next to you, she’s not ahead, you’re not behind, we ALL have a space for success.

Success is subjective.

I started my own business to create freedom in my lifestyle.

I quit dieting to create happiness in my lifestyle.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is still the riskiest thing I’ve ever done. Not only are you putting yourself out there, your opening yourself up to criticism, you have ZERO idea how the chips will fall.

The more I push my own boundaries, the more I come back to my values, and the healthier my business and body become.


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